How do I enable the Built-in VSP functionality on the Peripheral role DVK-RM1xx?

In order to enable the built-in VSP functionality on the DVK-RM1xx, SIO_28 must be tied to VCC. There is a jumper, J6, on the DVK-RM1xx board that brings out SIO_28 but it ties it to GND instead of VCC so some alterations must be made.  Using a red jumper cable, connect J6 pin 1 (SIO_28) to J11 pin 3, VCC_LORA, this enables VSP.  Now, select the nAutorun jumper, J12, depending on which VSP mode is needed: nAutorun (SIO_25) == GND (J12 pins 1-2) puts the module into VSP OTA mode which can be used to download smartBASIC scripts OTA to the module.  nAutorun (SIO_25) == VCC (J12 pins 2-3) puts the module into VSP Bridge mode which can be used as a serial cable replacement to transfer UART data.  Now, reset the DVK-RM1xx or power cycle it and it should begin advertising for a VSP connection. If you do not see the advertisements then remove jumpers J10 (DTR) and J5 (RTS) and reset or power cycle the DVK-RM1xx again.  If you are still having issues getting the board to advertise for a VSP connection, please contact support.