FlexNotch is the only adhesive-backed, flexible notch antenna that can be easily custom-trimmed for maximum range within your specific enclosure. Paired with the antenna design expertise offered by Ezurio, FlexNotch provides a simple, repeatable process for optimizing antenna tuning to deliver maximum range for your application.

  • With FlexNotch, tuning for your specific application is as easy as 1, 2, 3:
    • Request a Design Review and provide Ezurio with an enclosure sample
    • Ezurio's (formerly Laird Connectivity) Antenna Design experts use 3D modeling and lab testing to determine optimal antenna length for maximum range
    • Built-in cut lines simplify the production process to consistently adapt antennas for best gain & range OR Order pre-trimmed from Ezurio (MOQ requirements apply)
  • Ability to be flexed in either concave or convex directions without sacrificing antenna performance
  • Small size and adhesive-backing give further mounting flexibility within your product design
  • Perfect for WiFi and Bluetooth solutions


Peak Gain
+2 dBi
Impedance (Ohm)
Antenna Type
Flexible Notch
Adhesive Type
3M 100MP
Clear Yellow
U.FL: 2.5 mm Max Height
MHF4L: 1.4 mm Max Height
Dimension (Height - mm)
21.08 mm
Dimension (Width - mm)
32 mm
Frequency Range (Max)
2480 MHz
Frequency Range (Min)
2400 MHz
-1.6 dBi
Operating Temp (Max) (°C)
+85 °C
Operating Temp (Min) (°C)
-40 °C
Part NumberAntenna TypeCable Length (cm)ConnectorDescriptionEnvironmentFrequency Range (Max)Frequency Range (Min)Gain (max)Gain (min)Pattern TypeWi-Fi Ports
001-0015Buy NowInternal/Embedded 10 u.FL 2.4 GHz FlexNotch Antenna w/U.FL cable, 100mm Internal/Embedded 2480 MHz2400 MHz2 2 Omnidirectional 1
001-0023Buy NowInternal/Embedded 10 MHF4L 2.4GHz FlexNotch Antenna w/ MHF4L Cable, 100mm Internal/Embedded 2480 MHz2400 MHz2 2 Omnidirectional 1


Name Part Type Last Updated
Datasheet - FlexNotch All Datasheet 03/10/2022
Product Brief - FlexNotch All Product Brief 07/09/2021


Are Ezurio's antennas UL certified?

Ezurio, generally speaking, does not submit antennas for burn testing so as to be UL certified.  That said, we do use UL-94/V0 compliant materials for specific parts such as a radome.  These parts are identified on the antenna's datasheet.

What is dBd and dBi and how do you convert from dBd to dBi?

dBd is a unit of measure for gain using a dipole as a reference; whereas, dBi uses an isotropic radiator.  To convert from dBd to dBi simply add 2.15 to the dBd value to get the dBi value (e.g. 0 dBd= 2.15 dBi)

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  • Antenna Scans
  • Antenna selection and placement
  • Custom antenna design
  • Worldwide EMC testing / certifications
  • Embedded RF hardware / firmware design
  • Cloud architecture and integration
  • Mobile application development
  • Product & Industrial Design

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