Sona™ IF573 - WiFi 6E + Bluetooth® 5.4 Module
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Development Kit, Sona IF573, MIMO, M.2, Key E, PCIe, UART

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Is it possible to operate the Sona IF573 Wi-Fi module with 2 antennas?

Wi-Fi MIMO requires the use of two Wi-Fi antennas, hence 2 antennas is the minimum.

If the application the IF573 is used in demands the use of Bluetooth as well a third antenna is required.

For performance reasons the Bluetooth part of the IF573 has its own antenna.

Does the Sona-IF573 support VSDB?

Yes, the Sona-IF573 supports Virtual Simultaneous Dual Band (VSDB) operation.

In an AP and STAion (APSTA) kind of application it is necessary to bring up up the access point (AP) in one band before connecting as a STAtion in the other band.