Silicon Labs + Ezurio (formerly Laird Connectivity)

Silicon Labs and Ezurio have partnered together to deliver advanced Bluetooth® Low Energy and LoRaWAN® module solutions.


A Seamless Partnership

Ezurio has partnered with Silicon Labs to deliver some of our latest Bluetooth LE & LoRaWAN Modules. This partnership brings together all the benefits of Silicon Labs hardware, software, and tool offerings with Ezurio's added value application software, services, certification, and support capabilities. This seamless partnership provides customers with multiple software development options suited to their resources and skillsets in Bluetooth LE-enabled product development.

Other benefits include:

  • Lowest Total cost of Ownership
  • Minimal Design Complexity & Project Risk
  • Fastest Time to Market

Modules + Evaluation Kits

Our certified Bluetooth LE and LoRaWAN modules enable secure and reliable wireless connectivity, even in the harshest environments. They are ideal for robust, business-critical connectivity in medical, industrial, and commercial settings that demand excellent RF performance, lower power consumption, simplified application development, and superior environmental resistance. Our modules adhere to the latest Bluetooth LE and LoRaWAN standards.

Lyra Series Bluetooth 5.3 Modules

Powered by Silicon Labs EFR32BG22

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Lyra 24 Series Bluetooth 5.3 Modules

Powered by Silicon Labs EFR32BG24

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Lyra 24 - Collection1.png

RM126x Ultra-Low Power LoRaWAN Modules

Powered by Silicon Labs EFR32 SoC

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What Makes Us Different

Ezurio brings your designs to market on-time and on-budget by bringing every aspect of wireless product design under one roof. We differentiate through the intersection of reliable and robust wireless products, award-winning IoT system design, and complete EMC testing. Leverage: 

  • Nearly four decades of wireless expertise
  • Comprehensive product development and customization services
  • Unmatched customer support via our global Tier II support and FAE teams
  • On-site FCC/ISED/CE/Japan/RCM certifications

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