Now Available: Lyra 24S Bluetooth 5.3 Solution

A next-generation Bluetooth LE module for advanced IoT device development.

Published on August 17, 2023

Now Available: Lyra 24S Bluetooth 5.3 Solution

The Lyra 24S is now in stock and ready for your embedded Bluetooth application. This is the latest of the Lyra 24 Series of flexible Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) modules, USB adapters, and development kits in stock, with the USB adapter soon to follow. The Lyra 24S delivers significant feature and performance enhancements ideally suited for scalable, next-generation Bluetooth LE development. 

Powered by the Silicon Labs EFR32BG24 SoC, the Lyra 24S delivers on the silicon’s key features, marrying all the benefits of Silicon Labs hardware, software, and tools offerings with our added value application software, services, certification, and support capabilities. 

Stand-out features include:

  • Bluetooth 5.3 / Bluetooth LE 
  • Powerful Core Cortex-M33 (1,536 kB Flash/256 k RAM) 
  • Long-range (Coded PHY) 
  • Enhanced operating temperature (up to 105°C) 
  • Hostless and hosted operation 
  • Widest range of MCU peripherals 
  • Two firmware options
    • AT Command Set
    • C development with Simplicity Studio
  • Ezurio's (formerly Laird Connectivity) value-added support and services 
  • Fully featured development kits 

Visit the Lyra 24 Series product page for detailed product information, documentation, and links to buy directly from our distribution partners.