Whiskey, iBeacons, and Digital Signage

Published on August 28, 2014

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By Natalie Sheerer, Marketing Communications Specialist

Customers have come to expect personalized ads online based upon their search history. Retailers are able to utilize this strategy through the use of iBeacons and digital signage in their stores. Through the use of new technology, stores are able to create an interactive in-store experience for customers with dynamic content. This approach gives stores a more personal feel for an enhanced shopping experience.

For example, companies like the digital signage software solution provider, SCALA, have already created applications for the connected store of the future. Their whiskey display allows customers to pick up a specific bottle of whiskey at an in a store display, and digital signage will update to display information about that particular bottle of whiskey. The application utilizes Apple’s iBeacon technology within stores and mobile applications to sense when customers are in close proximity to a particular display. As explained in our previous blog post, iBeacon: A Standout Feature of iOS 7, iBeacons are an innovative way to detect and monitor a customer’s location. iBeacons are small, low power, wireless location awareness sensors that use BLE as the wireless transport. Placed inside a store, these small beacons transmit data over short distances to iPhones using BLE. Every iOS device that supports iOS 7 can then detect other iBeacons that are nearby. iBeacons use the consumer’s phone to sense when they are in close proximity to products, displays, or certain parts of the store. Stock, live pricing, and personalized advertisements are all possible displays on digital signs in stores.

Another capability of digital signage and iBeacons in stores is the ability to adapt configurations and displays for different locations, different time of the day, seasonal changes, and other changing variables. Given the benefits that they provide, the use of digital signage and iBeacons will soon become the norm in retail stores.

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