On Lairds SOM 8M Plus System on Module, how is the radio connected to the host processor?

The interface the 60-series radio on the SOM 8M Plus connects to the iMX8MP host processor is selectable in software to allow for choosing between lower power consumption and higher performance.

There are 5 options:

Description                             Radio Mode Parameter Value (set-radio-mode <radio_mode>)
PCIe and UART(default                   pcie-uart
SDIO and UART                           sdio-uart
SDIO and UART (Stop upon shutdown)      sdio-uart-stop
SDIO and UART (Suspend upon shutdown)   sdio-uart-susp
SDIO and SDIO                           sdio-sdio

The command to set the interface option is:

set-radio-mode <radio_mode>