BL654 Bluetooth 5 Modules – Coming Soon!

Published on February 22, 2018

Introducing Laird's upcoming Bluetooth 5 solution, the BL654 Series. This new solution builds upon the field-proven BL600 and BL652 series, reducing engineering burden and design risk, and speeding time-to-market when integrating Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Some of the key enhancements include:

  • Up to four times the range and twice the data throughput
  • NFC and Thread (802.15.4) integration
  • BLE Mesh capabilities.

Based on Nordic Semiconductor nRF52840 silicon, the BL654 ultra-small modules, development kits, and USB-packaged adapter provide a secure, robust, multi-wireless plus Cortex -M4F MCU platform for any product design. This solution delivers maximum development flexibility with programming options for the Nordic SDK in C, a simple, intuitive AT Command Set, as well as Laird’s smartBASIC event-driven programming environment.

The BL654 series of modules is scheduled to be released for mass production by end of June 2018, with engineering samples available now for select customers.

Click, here, for more information and access to preliminary documentation.