Wireless & RF Magazine Interview on IoT Innovations

Published on February 18, 2016

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Wireless & RF Magazine Interview on IoT Innovations

EE Web’s Wireless & RF Magazine recently published an interview with Bill Steinike, Vice President of Business Development for Laird’s Connectivity Solutions Business Unit. Titled, “Embedded Wireless Modules Inspire New IoT Innovations”, the interview touches on Bill’s successful career at LSR, recently acquired by Laird, and the growth of the company and wireless industry.

Beginning with Bill’s start in the tech industry, an intern with LSR, the interview highlights his successful career and gives readers an inside look at the successes and innovations of one the leading wireless development companies in the industry. A number of topics are covered in the interview, including the growth of wireless in the emerging Enterprise Internet of Things (EIoT) and wearables technology spaces, the challenges of wireless design, and what lies ahead for Laird and the connectivity solutions industry as a whole.

The EIoT has experienced major growth in just a few years and will continue to move into a host of different industries. The possibility of design is virtually limitless, leaving many companies eager to create truly innovative products. “The two organizations [Laird and LSR] have the same holistic understanding of what it takes for IoT to be successful, and with the combined resources and expertise of both companies we will be even better positioned to help companies with fascinating wearable projects and game-changing IoT plans,” says Bill.

The full interview can be found here.