Sentrius™ BT610 I/O Sensor + Thermistor Assemblies

Recommended for New Design (RND)


Ezurio's (formerly Laird Connectivity) Sentrius™ BT610 I/O Sensor is an open development device with Bluetooth 5 enabling you to develop the application to turn your wired sensors into IP67-rated battery-operated wireless nodes, providing robust, secure, and cloud ready messaging. Leveraging our BL654 module, it provides full Bluetooth 5 capabilities, opening up industrial and equipment monitoring applications. 

This configuration is designed with control hut monitoring in mind, enabling administrators to remotely monitor the health and status of control huts / houses that store electrical equipment, such as HVAC units. It enables users to read and report sensor data to the cloud and define alarm conditions. 

There are two application development paths on offer; 

  • Using our Canvas platform firmware and sample applications as the basis for your application giving a head start on your development 
  • Ground up using Zephyr RTOS board files provided by Ezurio 

Software / RTOS Environment: 

  • nRF Connect SDK / Zephyr RTOS SDK for customizable applications 

Option for Canvas Device Management 

  • Application development environment to develop Canvas device management 
  • Advanced deployment tools including mobile app (Android and iOS) to register devices, and engineering services support. 

Device programming: via Ezurio USB-SWD programming kit (453-00062-K1) and 6-pin Dupont connector male to female header jumper wire cable.

Comprehensive Certifications for FCC, ISED, CE, UKCA, AS/NZS, MIC 

Industrial temperature range (-40º to +85º C) 

Industrial IP67 enclosure 

Supports up to 4x thermistors with a temperature range from -40°C to +125°C.

Industry-leading support works directly with our engineers to help customize and deploy your design.

Replaceable large capacity battery

Sensors and Cable Assemblies Sold Separately

The Sentrius BT610 sensor enclosures are not shipped with sensor cable assemblies for any of the focused applications outlined. Both the BT610 and required cable assembly must be ordered separately in the quantities required.



Antenna Options
Embedded FlexPIFA
Chipset (MCU)
Cortex M4F
Optional branding on front label, packaging, or mobile app
Enclosure colors
Custom firmware
Firmware Upgrade
Mobile App - Android and iOS - OTA Update
IoT Gateway - OTA firmware Update
IP Rating
Interfaces - General
4x analog inputs, 2x digital inputs, 2x digital outputs, 1x SPI, 1x I2C, 1x UART, 1x Sensor Power Source, 2x buttons for reset, configuration, and pairing, 1x magnet switch for pairing, LED Indicator
1MB Flash, 256k RAM
Operating Temp (Max) (°C)
85 °C
Operating Temp (Min) (°C)
-40 °C
Power Supply
3.6 V Lithium Thionyl Chloride battery (AA size - replaceable)
Software / RTOS Envrionment: nRF Connect SDK / Zephyr RTOS SDK for customizable applications
Option for Canvas Device Management: Application development environment to develop Canvas device management
Wireless Specification
Bluetooth 5
Part NumberAccessoriesAdditional DescriptionAntenna TypeBulk or SingleChipset (Wireless)EnvironmentFrequency Range (Max)Frequency Range (Min)Part Group
BT610 - Magnet
450-00136BBuy Now
BT610 Magnet Kit - 50x Magnet Bulk (50 pcs) 1. BT610 I/O Sensor
BT610 Thermistor Assembly
133-00719Buy Now
BT610 Thermistor Sensor Cable Assembly (-40°C to +125°C) Single 2. BT610 Cable Assemblies
BT610 Thermistor Assembly
133-00719BBuy Now
BT610 Thermistor Sensor Cable Assembly (-40°C to +125°C) - Bulk Bulk Carton (32 pcs) 2. BT610 Cable Assemblies

Development Kits

  • 450-00121-K1


    Additional Description
    BT610 Sensor
    Antenna Type
    Embedded FlexPIFA
    Logical Interfaces
    4x analog inputs, 2x digital inputs, 2x digital outputs, 1x SPI, 1x I2C, 1x UART
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Name Part Type Last Updated
Product Brief - BT610 I/O Sensor + Thermistor Assemblies All Product Brief 03/14/2023
Sentrius BT610 App (Google Play) All Legacy Material 12/16/2022
Sentrius BT610 App (Apple App Store) All Legacy Material 12/16/2022
User Guide - Repeater/Gateway Application All Legacy Material 12/16/2022
Canvas Sensor Firmware - Getting Started Guide All Documentation 12/16/2022
User Guide - Canvas Device Manager All Documentation 12/16/2022
LwM2M Objects for Sensors and Gateways All Documentation 12/19/2022


Where can I find all different BT610 Pressure, Thermistor and Ultrasonic Sensors documentation?

You'll find BT610 Pressure, Thermistor and Ultrasonic Sensors documentation attached to this FAQ.

How is temperature measured across the probe in conjunction with the BT610?

The temperature is measured by a thermistor which is located at the tip of the exposed metal probe end.  

Using STTY with the USB-SWD

These instructions are intended for Linux or Macintosh OS. They may work using WSL, Cigwin, or other bash style terminals in Windows although this is untested. 

It may be desired to communicate with a device attached to the USB-SWD without terminal emulation, I.E. Picocom, Screen, Putty.  This can be useful for writing bash scripts, or if you're using Zephyr's "west flash" and would like a quick way to check your output. 

  1. Verify you have the program "stty" available using the command "which stty", if this does not return a value you will need to install it.  Fortunately "stty" generally comes standard with Linux and MacOS.  
  2. Identify your serial device.  This can be done using the command "dmesg -w" then connecting the USB-SWD.  You will see output like this (In Linux).
  3. (Optional) Assign the device name to a variable, for example "DEVICE=/dev/ttyACM0".
  4. Configure "stty" to talk with the device "stty -F $DEVICE 115200 -echo -echoe -echok"
  5. To see output from the device execute "cat $DEVICE &".  This will send serial communication from the device to Linux's standard output.  The "&" is to run this program in the background.
  6. Now press the reset button on the USB-SWD, you should see the output from your device.  In this example the Zephyr "Hello World" example has been flashed to a BT510. 
  7. (Optional) if you would like to send commands back to the device you can use "echo" or add an argument to your shell, "foo() { echo -n -e "$1\r" > $DEVICE; }".  Now commands can be issued directly from the command line, for example "foo "my_command"" will send the string "my_command" to the device. 

Can I combine different sensor types on the BT610 ?

The answer to this question will depend on the chosen BT610 firmware options. When you opt for the BT610 you have a bunch of different choice :

- Make use of BT610 default Legacy Firmware developed by us (not recommended for new design).

- Leverage our value added Canvas Sensor Firmware as starting point for your development to make it fit your specific application.  

- Develop your own firmware from scratch from the BT610 Zephyr board.

As you go down the list you'll get more flexibility. 

Our BT610 Legacy Firmware include a panel of different preconfigured probes like Thermistors, AC Current, Ultrasonic and Pressure sensors. Unfortunately it is not possible to combine different sensor types as it is with the default Legacy Firmware.

Developing your own firmware via the Canvas Sensor Firmware or the BT610 Zephyr page will always allow you more flexibility in probe choice, configuration and association.

It's important to keep in mind that BT610 is running on a single battery and is intended to run for years before replacing it. Customers need to take into consideration power supply constraints when opting for a given probes settings. 

How can I access BT610 Canvas Sensor Firmware command line interface?

The Canvas Firmware runs on Zephyr RTOS which natively provides a bunch of useful subsystem for development purposes. One of those is a command line interface which allows - for devices product that supports its firmware - convenient device management features like configuration, monitoring or quick access to debugging tools.

The command line interface is usually accessible via UART. Access to the sensor debug UART on the BT610 is facilitated by a 6 pin header, J1, with pinout as follows :

To access J1 port directly from your PC, we'd suggest to use a UART to USB kind of cable.

Once you get connected to it, you'll have access to a similar menu via whatever terminal software that supports serial communication :

Can I leverage the Canvas Gateway/Sensor firmware even if I won't use any Device Management features?

Canvas Gateway&Sensor firmware is a mature and fully supported platform by Ezurio. Even if you don't intend to use any Device Management features, we would suggest to use the Canvas Firmware as the starting point of your development as it contains few telemetry capabilities (MQTT and BLE Ads) allowing easy deployment and management of compatible wireless sensor networks with a few simple configuration steps. Products compatible with Canvas Firmware are BT610, Pinnacle 100 and MG100. 

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