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Bluetooth Mesh or BLE Mesh networks can span wide physical areas and support tens, hundreds, or even thousands of devices, making it an ideal technology for the Internet of Things (IoT). This technology may seem complex at first, but don’t panic. You don’t have to be an expert to design or provision Bluetooth Mesh devices. Engineers can dramatically simplify the process of by using Ezurio modules and development kits.

Leverage programming options for the Nordic SDK in C or Ezurio's (formerly Laird Connectivity) event-driven programming language, smartBASIC, which offers built-in functions that replace hundreds of lines of C code. With our resources, device designers and provisioners can bypass the complexity of Bluetooth Mesh’s internal working and focus on achieving their end goals.

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Endless Applications

Building Automation

The BL654 excels in industrial security devices like door, light, temperature and air-quality sensors. A BL654 powered Mesh network for factory security systems can span the entire campus and broadcast statuses regularly to a monitoring base.


Sensor Networks

Sensor data can provide deep insights for energy efficiency and productivity within factories and manufacturing plants. Monitor and control temperatures, energy usage, output, downtime vs. uptime, and other critical metrics.


Connected Home

Securely and remotely take control over devices like lights, thermostats, refrigerators, dish washers, and locks throughout your entire home. Monitor and automatically get notified about energy usage and other statuses to create a more productive lifestyle.


The BL654 Series of Bluetooth 5 development kits provide a platform ideal for early development testing of the BLE Mesh specification.

If you want to start testing a BLE Mesh network, BL654 development kits are a great place to start. Flexible and intuitive programming options make it the easiest and fastest way to start evaluating BLE Mesh. Easily write event-driven, automated applications with smartBASIC or utilize the Nordic SDK directly. The development boards provide simple, easy-to-use access to multiple hardware interfaces and configuration options for the modules. Unbox, configure, and have BLE Mesh functionality up and running in minutes.  


What’s Included:

1. DVK Unit

2. External NFC Antenna (Part #0600-00061)

3. FlexPIFA Antenna Part #001-0022 (455-00002 DVK only)

4. Fly Leads (x6)

5. USB-A to Micro-USB Cable

6. DVK Board Standoffs

7. Insert Card (Not Pictured)

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Video Demonstration

The video below will walk you through the setup of multiple BL654 DVK boards and how to provision them into a BLE Mesh network to simulate a lighting application. You will use a mobile device to provision the devices into the mesh and the DVK buttons to turn LEDs (simulated lights) on and off.

A Practical Startup Guide for Making Bluetooth Mesh Simple

This white paper shares insights from a leading expert in wireless engineering, Mahendra Tailor, who has 35 years of experience in sensing, control, instrumentation, and embedded software product development.

What you get from this white paper:

  • A simplified approach to Bluetooth Mesh
  • Key takeaways for Bluetooth Mesh developers
  • A walkthrough of the provisioning process
  • More information on the BL654 Mesh-enabled module and smartBASIC programming language

Friends are the Key to a Long [Battery] Life

When it comes to battery life: “Friendship” between BLE mesh devices is the key to achieving extended battery life that will make your BLE mesh deployments a success. This white paper serves as an introduction to achieving energy efficiency in battery-powered BLE Mesh devices. Learn how take advantage of energy-saving features that allow BLE mesh devices to operate successfully for long periods on battery power – without having to master the complexity of the underlying technology.


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