Featured Cellular Antennas

iDAS Antennas

The CFD69383P / CFD69383P1 are applicable for environments where aesthetics and wide-angle coverage are necessary for successful wireless deployment.


Revie Flex Antenna

A flexible PCB antenna for use in LTE CAT M1 and NB-IoT devices, operating within 698 - 875 MHz and 1710 – 2500 MHz.



Phantom Series Antennas

Unique, patented Phantom® cellular antennas are both tough and low-profile, for outdoor or indoor applications.


Veheculiar antenna

CBRS Antennas

Antennas with support for the FCC Citizens Broadcast Radio System (CBRS) band from 3.5-3.7 GHz.



Custom Antenna Design

Ezurio (formerly Laird Connectivity) offers state-of-the-art, turnkey OEM custom design services for a wide variety of radio technologies. With decades of design engineering and OEM manufacturing experience, our superior design, RF engineering, and testing practices have set the standard for high performance and reliability.

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State of the Art 3D Modeling and Simulation

Ezurio's industrial engineers utilize a full machine shop, complete with 3D printing to optimize antenna performance.

  • AIO (Artificial Intelligence Optimizer) application ensures that the antenna design is as small as possible for the required performance.
  • Addresses challenges, such as gain, pattern, regulatory restrictions, environmental and mechanical requirements.

Global 3D Antenna Test Chambers/Testing

Ezurio operates multiple 3D anechoic antenna test chambers, located globally, that capture accurate, 3D antenna patterns, assuring that all antennas meet or exceed the expected performance requirements.

High Quality/Low Cost Manufacturing Site

For decades, Ezurio has produced the industry’s highest quality antennas at our own manufacturing facilities.

  • 27 total assembly lines
  • 39 molding machines
  • 9 FIP machines

Telecom: iDAS

In-building Distributed Antenna Systems (iDAS) improve indoor connectivity by bringing cellular radio signals inside buildings where a majority of cell phone users typically reside. Proper antenna selection helps ensure the call quality and connection speeds that users expect in locations such as:

  • Hospitality
  • Enterprise
  • Universities
  • Shopping centers

Telecom: Base Station

Base station antennas are a critical element in any telecom network. The deployment of antenna solutions requires a combination of antenna styles with various RF characteristics, mechanical and environmental needs. Ezurio base station antennas include:

  • Small Cell
  • Private network
  • Backhaul