Sona™ IF573 - WiFi 6E + Bluetooth® 5.4 Module
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Development Kit, Sona IF573, MIMO, M.2, Key E, SDIO, UART

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Can I use btattach instead of brcm_patchram_plus with the Sona IF573?

No, the traditional btattach implementation for BT serial interfaces that relies on vendor

specific modules in the kernel is not sufficient because it has no mechanism to

incorporate BT_REG_ON/W_DISABLE2# control.

Is CTS/RTS hardware handshake mandatory when operating the IF573 UART?

Yes, it's mandatory to enable CTS/RTS in UART, otherwise BT firmware won't be loaded.

In 6GHz band, is WPA3 able to run in transition mode?

Transition mode is to support WPA2 and WPA3 at the same time. In 6GHz band, WPA2 is no longer supported, but just WPA3, and no support of  transition mode as well.

Is it necessary in the 6GHz band to use H2E mode in WPA3? Or is it still possible to use HNP (hunt/peck) mode?

According to WI-Fi alliance, only H2E mode is supported in WPA3. It's no longer possible to use HNP (hunt/peck).