Sera NX040 Series - UWB + Bluetooth LE + NFC Modules
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Note: To run two-way ranging and 3D positioning demos, the BL654 USB adapter # 451-00004 is required as well. 


Additional Description
Sera NX040 - UWB / Bluetooth LE Development Kit, MHF4L Connectors
Includes antennas: NanoUWB, 2.4GHz FlexPIFA, NFC antenna

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The Sera 040 DVK is not being recognised by Windows, where do I find dapi drivers?

Windows should natively support the Sera 040 DVK using CMIS-DAP v2 interface drivers that will appear in device manager under Universal Serial Bus  devices.

If in Windows device manager you see an error with CMIS-DAP v2 interface in other devices then it may be that you are using a USB hub or dock that is preventing Windows from properly identifying the Sera 040 DVK. In which case try plugging the DVK directly into a USB port on your laptop or PC and it should be discovered automatically

I am having problems installing pyocd for Python

At the time of writing there may be issues installing pyocd for Python 3.12. If you experience issues such as failing to build wheel for hidapi, try reverting to Python 3.10 or 3.11.

We have also seen issue where pyocd reports an error during install, requiring VS C++ build tools. Be sure to install the C++ build tools using the link in the error. If the C++ build tools install fail then try to temporarily disable virus checking (or consult with your IT department) as we have seen some antivirus block some VS scripts used during build tool installation.