Sentrius RG1xx LoRaWAN Gateway + Wi-Fi / Ethernet + Optional LTE (US Only)
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Additional Description
Sentrius™ RG186 Gateway – 868 MHz, including LoRaWAN, Wi-Fi & Ethernet
It is not possible to switch/reconfigure the supported region after purchase
Part Group
Standard RG1xx (Wi-Fi / LoRa / Ethernet)
United Kingdom (UK)


Name Part Type Last Updated
Product Brief - Sentrius RG1xx Series Gateway 455-00028 Product Brief 03/21/2023
Overview - Understanding LoRa 455-00028 Documentation 02/28/2019
EU Certifications - RG186 and RG186-M2 455-00028 Certification 01/07/2021
Quick Start Guide - Sentrius RG1xx v3.0 455-00028 Documentation 03/05/2020
868 MHz Compatible Antennas for RG186 - Datasheet 455-00028 Datasheet 05/08/2019
Application Note - Setting up Basic station on the Things Stack v3 455-00028 Application Note 08/09/2021
Application Note - Setting up Basic Station on The Things Network (TTN v2) 455-00028 Application Note 05/06/2021
Application Note - Setting Up Basics Station on ChirpStack 455-00028 Application Note 08/20/2020
PCN 3A-2020 – RG1xx 455-00028 Documentation 04/27/2020
PCN 11A-2019 - RG1xx 455-00028 Documentation 11/25/2019
Application Note - RG1xx AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN 455-00028 Application Note 09/05/2023
PCN 2B-2021 – RG1xx 455-00028 Documentation 11/06/2022
PCN_11A-2022 - RG1xx 455-00028 Documentation 11/11/2022

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Can I really expect 15 km distance transmission using LoRaWAN in my day to day application operation?

All Ezurio (formerly Laird Connectivity) LoRa products should be referred as LoRaWAN as they all supports its protocol. LoRaWAN protocol make use of LoRa Chirp Spectrum Modulation within a license-free sub-gigahertz frequency band that allow to transmit regularly small packets up to 15km. 

It’s important to consider that 15km can only be achieved within absolute best conditions, some of which would be an outdoor “line of sight” transmission, interference free environment, ideal humidity/temperature, highest Spreading Factor, ect… Such range magnitude cannot represent any “real world” distance transmission and shouldn’t be expected by default.