BLE Sensor Monitoring – Using the BT510 and Azure Sphere

Published on January 27, 2021

BLE Sensor Monitoring – Using the BT510 and Azure Sphere

The BT510 on Microsoft Azure – A Test Case

Our Sentrius™ BT510 Multi-Sensor is a battery powered, Bluetooth 5 Long-Range integrated sensor platform enabling robust, reliable sensor data transfer in the harshest of environments.

The BT510 is powered by Ezurio's (formerly Laird Connectivity) field proven BL654 BLE module that integrates Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF52840 silicon for feature rich application development in the Cortex M4F with 1MB Flash memory, which also enables integrated sensor data logging and storage. The ultra-low power sensor uses a single replaceable CR2477 coin cell battery, for a multi-year life and hassle free, long term maintenance.

Recently, our partners at Element 14 (an Avnet community) published an example application which provisions and connects up to 10 BT510 sensors to the Avnet Azure Sphere MT3620 starter kit. It’s a small form factor carrier board which includes onboard Wi-Fi connectivity, and augmented with Avnet BLE PMOD add-on board to add Bluetooth 5 connectivity. The resulting data is visualized in Avnet’s IoT Connect platform via a custom made dashboard.

The resulting solution is a rapid proof-of-concept and a production-ready application with a wide range of potential applications: monitoring for safe temperatures in buffet tables in a restaurant, tracking activity via door open/closed, tracking when an important object is moved in an interior space, and more.

To see the full details of the Avnet application, as well as to download the code from GitHub and try it yourself, visit the Element14 Azure Sphere blog.