Coming Soon: RS1xx High Temperature External RTD Sensor Probe

Published on July 27, 2021

Coming Soon: RS1xx High Temperature External RTD Sensor Probe

Gather sensor data in extreme high temperature applications

Introducing the new Sentrius™ RS1xx high temperature external RTD temperature probe. This battery-powered, long-range sensor platform leverages the benefits of LoRaWAN and Bluetooth LE connectivity packaged in a small, rugged form factor and connected to a stainless-steel probe measuring 200 mm (4 inches) in length. Towards the high end of the supported temperature range, +450°C (+842°F), the external temperature probe is ideally designed to monitor high temperature applications, such as commercial kitchen pizza ovens, deep fryers, or even more industrial applications, and then transmit your data over LoRaWAN.

This addition of the high temperature external RTD probe compliments the RS1xx’s existing mid and low temperature probe offerings, providing options for temperature measurements across an overall range from -100°C to +450°C (-148°F to +842°F).

Stand-out features include: 

  • External sensor probe: PT100 RTD temperature sensor within stainless-steel probe with an extreme operational temperature range +450°C (+842°F)
  • Multi-wireless: LoRaWAN (868/915/923 MHz) and Bluetooth v4.2 (Central/Peripheral) with fully integrated high-performance antennas
  • Fully certified for FCC/ISED/EU/ASNZS/NCC/IMDA and Bluetooth SIG
  • Simple wireless configuration using mobile application over Bluetooth LE
  • Robust IP65 enclosure to serve many varied installation needs

Visit the RS1xx webpage to view specifications and access preliminary documentation:

RS1xx RTD Family 2.0.PNG