Coming Soon: Sentrius BT610 Long-Range Bluetooth I/O Sensor

Published on December 1, 2020

Coming Soon: Sentrius BT610 Long-Range Bluetooth I/O Sensor

Gather and deliver robust, reliable sensor data wirelessly in harsh environments. 

Introducing the Sentrius™ BT610 Long-Range Bluetooth I/O Sensor. This new Bluetooth 5 sensor turns wired sensors into IP67-rated, battery-operated wireless nodes that provide robust and secure messaging. Powered by our BL654 Bluetooth module (Nordic nRF52840), the BT610 delivers full Bluetooth 5 capabilities for a wide range of remote monitoring applications.

Stand-out features include: 

  • Full Bluetooth 5 features including LE Coded PHY (4x Bluetooth range)
  • Wide range of sensor input/output options
  • IP67-certified enclosure with pressure vent
  • Replaceable large-capacity battery
  • High-gain internal antenna with IPEX locking connector
  • Wide operational temperature range (-40º to +85º C)
  • Built on our experience developing the longest-range Bluetooth sensors

The BT610 hardware supports virtually any industry standard external sensor through its wide range of sensor interface options, including general purpose analog inputs, digital input/output, I2C, and SPI. 

Pre-canned configurations of the BT610 coupled with external sensors, (cable assemblies sold separately), are available for HVAC monitoring, three-phase AC current sensing, and tank monitoring solutions. These configurations enable users to read and report sensor data to the cloud, define alarm conditions, and configure the sensors through an associated mobile app (Android and iOS).

The BT610 is the latest addition to our growing line of IoT devices which includes the Sentrius™ BT510 Sensor. The BT610 seamlessly operates with the Sentrius™ IG60 Gateway, allowing enterprises to create a full device-to-cloud ecosystem.

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