FRAG ATTACK: Putting the pieces back together – Part 2

Published on July 27, 2021

FRAG ATTACK: Putting the pieces back together – Part 2

In our previous blog post on FRAG ATTACK, Ezurio discussed the threat of the vulnerability as disclosed by the Wi-Fi Alliance. In the weeks since, Ezurio has been working to understand the impact on our Wi-Fi products and establish a mitigation plan for impacted customers. Utilizing the Wi-Fi Alliance test suite, Ezurio has completed testing and can now provide a comprehensive list of impacted products.

The Impacted Products

The following list identifies the Ezurio products impacted by one or more of the listed CVEs in the FRAG ATTACK announcement. The status of the products was established by testing the latest release software version for each, using the Wi-Fi Alliance Test Suite at Ezurio's (formerly Laird Connectivity) advanced QA test facility.






Series 40

Series 45 [1] 

Series 50 [2]

Series 60 [3]









Not impacted












Note: Cells shown as X indicate devices should be considered vulnerable, no remediation is available from silicon vendor.

•  [1] 45 Series include SSD45, MSD45 and WB45 products

•  [2] 50 Series includes SSD50, MSD50 and WB50 products

•  [3] 60 Series includes all interfaces variants for SIPT60 & 2230 formats and SOM60 and IG60 platforms

Note that the above table is a summary of the impacted products. Detailed test results for each product and the CVEs that were tested are available from Ezurio. Please contact Ezurio at

Vulnerability Mitigation

The original announcement listed several vulnerabilities. Any mitigation will vary by each product’s test results. Ezurio engineering has established that mitigation can impact one or multiple components in the software deliverable for each product, as such the mitigation may vary by product.

Product Mitigation Status Target Availability
LWB Pending October, 2021
LWB5 Pending  
LWB5+ Available October, 2021
EWB Pending October, 2021
Series 40 No Fix  
Series 45 Pending  
Series 50 Pending  
Series 60 Available July, 2021
IG60 Available July, 2021
SOM60 Available July, 2021
TiWi-R2 No Fix  
TiWi-BLE No Fix  
TiWi5 No Fix  

Please contact Ezurio support for updates on the availability of mitigation for your required product.