How Ezurio (formerly Laird Connectivity) is Diversifying Our Global Manufacturing Footprint

Global businesses must position themselves to be responsive to single points of failure in their supply chain. Business as usual isn’t good enough. So here’s how Laird Connectivity is adapting.

Published on November 8, 2023

How Ezurio (formerly Laird Connectivity) is Diversifying Our Global Manufacturing Footprint

Lessons Learned: Adapting for Flexible Supply and Manufacturing

Ezurio is a global company with sales, support, engineering, and manufacturing all over the world. But as the world learned most recently during the COVID-19 pandemic, global supply chains can be very fragile. Even setting aside a global health event, the world is always changing: legislative changes, tax and tariff rates, international trade restrictions, and other situations force global companies to adapt. To use the old expression: companies cannot afford to keep all their eggs in one basket. Circumstances change, and companies must change to meet them. Or, ideally, to be prepared in advance for unforeseen issues in supply, manufacture, shipping, and more. 

Ezurio is a partner to our customers in ensuring reliability of manufacture and supply. To better serve our customers, we must position ourselves to be competitive, consistent, and resilient to global events, geopolitical changes, and more. Here’s how we aim to do that. 

US-Based System-on-Module Manufacturing

Ezurio manufactures in a number of countries already – we have contract manufacturers in Taiwan, China, the Philippines, and South Korea. With our recent acquisition of Boundary Devices, we can add in-house assembly in “USA” to that list. Our line of Boundary Devices SOMs are designed and manufactured in our new state of the art manufacturing facility in Irvine, CA. It’s just one of the many ways we address our customers’ specific requirements. 

US-based manufacturing provides advantages for companies that are sensitive to things like IP protection. Manufacturing in the US mitigates some of those potential risks for the most sensitive design projects, and ensures OEMs go to manufacture with the full protection of US intellectual property laws at their disposal. For others, simply having operations all within the contiguous United States is a level of comfort that eliminates international shipping and other complications from the manufacture and fulfillment process. 

Ultimately our US-based facilities and manufacturing minimize disruption of availability, allow us to directly enforce our own quality standards, and keep design and manufacturing teams together in-house.  All of this helps us accelerate product development with the unparalleled customization capabilities that drive our customers’ unique designs. 

Furthermore, we want customers to have full visibility into our US-based manufacturing, so we invite them to come and visit our factory firsthand. As a partner, we offer transparency and trust to our customers, and encourage them to come see the quality we provide in person as part of our working relationship. 

Expanding our Manufacturing Outside Mainland China

Beyond US-based manufacturing, it’s also important for us to have more manufacturing presence in more locations around the world for the purposes of simple diversification. Our world is unpredictable, and global companies have a need to be flexible in their parts supply and manufacturing processes to account for the unaccountable. Everything from natural disasters to tax and regulatory changes can spell big changes for global companies, and it’s critical to diversify these processes to help avoid overreliance on any one manufacturer or any one country. 

In this spirit, Ezurio has moved the manufacture of several of our Bluetooth modules (BL653, BL654, BL654PA, BL5340, and BL5340PA) to Vietnam. For Ezurio, this is a step in continuing to be a truly global company and to de-risk supply issues by having a wider array of manufacturing partners globally. 

Moving forward, we continue to diversify our existing manufacturing in Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and others. Distributing our manufacturing globally helps us ensure our supply chain has no single point of failure and can be resistant to challenges that affect just one country or just one region. It’s all part of our commitment to our customers to be reliable and to eliminate potential risk. 

De-Risking For Us AND For Our Customers

A more stable supply chain for Ezurio is ultimately a benefit we can pass on to our many customers. As a true wireless design partner, we diversify and de-risk to deliver those same benefits through to our customers. Ezurio sees our work as integral to our customers’ success. In an ever-evolving global landscape, our efforts to diversify our manufacturing and supply chain are a net benefit for customers who depend on reliability, availability, and low lead times to keep their products and fulfillment on track and safeguarded against disaster, shortages, and more. 

Ezurio believes that being a trusted partner and a reliable provider means doing the diligence and legwork to prepare ourselves, and by extension our customers, for the unforeseen. We strive to remove failure points, bottlenecks, or supply risk from our processes. That’s part of how we can offer the exceptional long-term support and availability that many of our customers demand, with product availability stretching into 10+ years and with future-proof upgrade paths that support many design cycles and refreshes over the entire product life cycle. 

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