Laird Article on Wi-Fi Mobility Featured in Medical Design Blog

Published on August 21, 2013

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Laird Article on Wi-Fi Mobility Featured in Medical Design Blog

A typical Wi-Fi deployment is a set of overlapping “cells” of coverage

An article written by Laird Technologies was recently featured as a guest blog post on Medical Design. Titled, Wi-Fi mobility in hospitals, the article highlights the importance of ensuring persistent network connections for mobile medical devices in hospitals.

The article identifies the challenges associated with mobility and discusses the need for seamless roaming of medical devices. The author, Chris Bolinger, writes, “When done quickly and effectively, roaming can ensure a persistent network connection and protect the applications that rely on such a connection.”

The article not only gives a good overview of the roaming process, but stresses the importance of choosing Wi-Fi radios carefully. It suggests that network administrators of hospitals include roaming tests in the criteria for selecting medical devices.

The full blog post can be found in the Medical Design blog, here.

For more information, view our white paper, Wi-Fi: The Importance of Mobility in Hospitals.