Laird Connected Hospital Article Featured in Becker’s Hospital Review

Published on August 17, 2016

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Laird Connected Hospital Article Featured in Becker’s Hospital Review

The evolving Connected Medical industry is shaping the future of healthcare for both patients and healthcare professionals. Hospitals are seeing more admissions than ever, and with an aging population across much of the globe, hospital administrators are realizing the need to create models of healthcare deployment that are reliable, economic, scalable, secure, and efficient.

To meet these demands, healthcare facilities are making the switch from traditional wired medical devices to wireless medical devices. The gained efficiencies that wireless technologies provide include patient safety, data accuracy, and mobility, which are crucial to providing quality patient care. The increasing number of wireless medical devices in hospitals has led to the vision of the Connected Hospital, a fully integrated hospital where wireless technologies allows caregivers and patients to roam throughout the hospital while providing accurate and timely monitoring. In Connected Hospitals caregivers can focus on providing the best quality of care to their patients, rather than administrative tasks.

Inevitably, implementing these new technologies brings upon challenges which include deploying life-critical infrastructure with robust reporting and monitoring features, along with utilizing Enterprise Internet of Things (EIoT) technology to speed up administrative tasks.

Laird recently wrote on this topic in Becker’s Hospital Review. Titled, “The Connected Hospital: Wireless Technology Shapes the Future of Healthcare” the article provides an in-depth view of the factors driving the Connected Hospital and the associated challenges.

Download the article, here.