Laird Connectivity is Now Ezurio

Unveiling Ezurio: A New Chapter in Connectivity Excellence

Published on March 11, 2024

Laird Connectivity is Now Ezurio

Today marks a pivotal moment in our journey as we evolve from Ezurio (formerly Laird Connectivity) and embrace our new identity - Ezurio. The Ezurio name and identity is built on the legacy of Ezurio and Boundary Devices, names that we have long made synonymous with wireless development and embedded processor products. This change is not merely in name or appearance; it represents our growth, our expanded capabilities, and our unwavering commitment to innovation and partnership in an increasingly complex technological landscape. 

Same Experts, New Name: Industry-Best Portfolio, Support, and More 

Though we introduce ourselves with a new name, our focus and our mission remain exactly the same. Our mission is simple: to be your connectivity expert. That means we continue to be dedicated to supporting your design ambitions, providing comprehensive connectivity solutions, and offering unparalleled service and support. Our expanding portfolio of wireless connectivity and processing solutions, along with our secure multi-OS software and accredited wireless testing capabilities, is deeply rooted in our understanding of our customers' unique challenges and aspirations. The transition to Ezurio represents our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's possible: We're not just a part of your journey, we serve as a pivotal force in helping you realize your vision. 

A Name for the Future 

Our transformation into Ezurio comes with a continuation of a promise that we built over decades as a premium wireless partner. We will continue to deliver the tailored solutions and expert support that unlocks your business’ potential, now under a new banner that represents our broader vision and expanded capabilities. In Ezurio, you'll find the same dedication to engineering excellence, now amplified and singularly focused on helping you meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Building on a Foundation of Expertise

Ezurio is built upon a legacy of expertise, innovation, and success. Our roots in Ezurio are a rich heritage of integrated acquisitions, expertise, and competencies that we have honed over decades in product design. That history provides us with a strong foundation of knowledge, experience, and innovation. Our product portfolios are built on that deep knowledge and expertise developed over our many partnerships and we extend that to you as your personal design experts. We’re more ready than ever to help streamline your product life cycle, reduce development costs, and enhance your time to market. 

Global Expertise, Local Support 

Our transformation into Ezurio reinforces our global perspective and local approach to service. With a keen eye on  technology trends and a resilient global supply chain, we offer the stability and insight necessary to tackle any challenge – and to support your design for years to come. Ezurio is your partner, your ally, and your guide, committed to turning complex design challenges into real-world successes. There’s a real person on the other end at Ezurio, and that person is dedicated to your success.  

Together, we can achieve more. 

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