New Multi-Interface LoRa Gateway Enables Versatile IoT Network Deployment

Published on March 16, 2017

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New Multi-Interface LoRa Gateway Enables Versatile IoT Network Deployment

Today Laird announced the new Sentrius™ RG1xx LoRa Gateway which offers multi-protocol connectivity to long-distance Enterprise Internet of Things (EIoT) sensors and devices to create actionable IoT intelligence. This secure, scalable, robust LoRa network solution leverages Laird’s field-proven and reliable 50 Series “Wireless Bridge” certified module and offers enterprise dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (BLE and Classic), and wired Ethernet for complete design freedom.

The RG1xx is the latest addition to Laird’s growing Sentrius™ LPWAN family of long-range EIoT solutions. The Sentrius ecosystem leverages Laird’s years of RF expertise to enable secure, low-power, long-range EIoT deployment with ease. This array of pre-integrated solutions, which includes the Sentrius™ RM1xx LoRa + BLE modules and LPWAN antennas, gives developers flexibility and freedom to create everything from a single standalone node to a complete end-to-end IoT network that balances throughput and range while using minimal power.

Based on the Semtech SX1301/SX1257 chipset designs, the Sentrius™ RG1xx provides a LoRa range up to 10 miles and comes pre-loaded with LoRa Packet Forwarder software, perfect for highly scalable and flexible IoT networks. The RG1xx Gateway works seamlessly with Laird’s emerging LoRa enabled ecosystem, including the RM1xx Series of LoRa + BLE certified modules and LPWAN antennas for simple out-of-the-box integration, and is compatible with third party Cloud and LoRa partners, as well as any LoRaWAN certified client devices.

Customers also have the option of the Sentrius™ RG1xx-M2 Concentrator Card. The pluggable M2.COM LoRaWAN adapter integrates a high performance, certified LoRaWAN gateway interface to any Linux based platform. This hardware solution expands upon Semtech drivers and reference design for improved RF performance.

Learn more about the Sentrius™ RG1xx LoRa gateway and the Sentrius™ RG1xx-M2 concentrator card, here.

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