New Products: Sentrius IG60-BL654 Wireless IoT Gateways and BT510 Starter Kits

Published on March 25, 2020

New Products: Sentrius IG60-BL654 Wireless IoT Gateways and BT510 Starter Kits

In Stock and Ready for Your IoT Project

The Sentrius IG60-BL654 is the latest wireless IoT gateway offering now available from Ezurio. The IG60-BL654 combines Bluetooth 5 (Nordic nRF52840 silicon) with Ezurio's (formerly Laird Connectivity) enterprise-grade 60-Series Wi-Fi, allowing you to capture data from Bluetooth 5 sensors, add edge intelligence, and send to the cloud with 802.11ac 2x2 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi.

Stand-out features include: 

  • Full Bluetooth 5 connectivity 
  • Best-in-class enterprise Wi-Fi 
  • Software variants for the cloud-native or embedded expert
  • Complete security including hardware root-of-trust secure boot and updates
  • Global certifications 
  • Personal support and services

Start Your IoT Proof-of-Concept in Minutes

The Sentrius IG60 & BT510 Starter Kit is now in stock. This new product offering combines the IG60-BL654 gateway with three BT510 Bluetooth 5 multi-sensors to provide a quick and simple way to start evaluating your wireless IoT system.

The starter kit contains:

  • 1x Sentrius IG60-BL654 wireless IoT gateway with global power supplies
  • 3x Sentrius BT510 – Long-range Bluetooth 5 temperature, motion, and open-door sensors
  • Ezurio's free AWS-based IoT monitoring platform
  • Sentrius IG Connect - iOS and Android mobile app for fast, in-field provisioning

Soon to join our growing family of IoT devices are the IG60-BL654-LTE and IG60-SERIAL-LTE. With Global LTE Cat 1 wireless connectivity with 3G and 2G fallback, this upcoming gateway is ideal for the harshest and remote IoT applications. The IG60-BL654-LTE will be available in a starter kit option which will include the Sentrius BT510 Bluetooth 5 sensors.