New U-Boot Production Version

Published on June 19, 2013

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We've recently updated the version of U-Boot that we're shipping with new boards. Many new features have been added since our last production release including:

You can grab a set of prebuilt binaries and the latest upgrade script here:

The U-Boot files included use the suffix of the U-Boot config settings they were built with, which tells you what type of board they're for. You can check out the code on the production branch on github.

To upgrade to the latest U-Boot, extract the files from the tarball link above to an SD card. Then you can rename the version you need to u-boot.imx and run upgradeu or you can use the upgrade script's new feature to set what file it loads. For example, to load the U-Boot configured with nitrogen6q_config, ie 1GiB quad core, you'd use the command

U-Boot > bootfile=u-boot.nitrogen6q && run upgradeu