The RM126x Series: Now with Hostless Mode!

The RM126x Series now can operate free of a host processor, thanks to our implementation of a GSDK extension that brings high value functionality in Simplicity Studio.

Published on February 6, 2024

The RM126x Series: Now with Hostless Mode!

Exciting New RM126x Use Cases Available with Hostless Mode

Our RM126x series of LoRaWAN modules were initially developed in a way that required an external microcontroller for programming custom firmware, which added an additional layer of requirements to the development process. However, our work with these modules has led to the ability to break free from these constraints by developing a GSDK Extension for the RM126x modules. This new tool simplifies development of native C code applications on the RM126x series by integrating directly with Silicon Labs’ Simplicity Studio.

Our RM126x series of modules are now functionally pre-integrated with Silicon Labs’ Simplicity Studio development tools. This means that once connected to your development PC, an RM126x development kit is automatically recognized by Simplicity Studio and related resources are readily available. Our software development now extends the Silicon Labs SDK to bring additional LoRaWAN-related programming resources to our customers. These will be available through Laird’s GitHub repository and can be integrated into your development environment during the initial setup of Simplicity Studio.

This empowers developers to create solutions that are finely tuned to their specific needs, such as implementing unique data processing algorithms or writing custom firmware on the LoRaWAN modules. The RM1261 and RM1262 modules feature approximately 256K ROM / 16K RAM for your custom development, all fully accessible via native silicon development tools.

The LoRaWAN stack incorporates LoRaWAN Class A,B and C functionality with integration of the RM126x module hardware and peripherals. Sample applications for Class A, B, and C functionality will be available through our GitHub repository at

The RM1261/RM1262-specific regulatory protection layer is also included as part of the SDK, eliminating worries about meeting regional requirements which the base module supports. The RM1262 supports USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand while the RM1261 supports Europe, UK, Taiwan, Japan and India.

Available Now – A New Way to Develop with the RM126x

In conclusion, the introduction of custom firmware capabilities on our LoRaWAN modules, coupled with Silicon Labs Simplicity Studio provide another layer of flexibility in enabling the module to work within your IoT device design. Our experts are always developing new ways to simplify your development process. It’s core to who we are: a trusted partner with decades of experience in wireless product design, and a key to unlocking your company’s innovations. 

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