Timesys Linux for i.MX6

Published on June 11, 2012

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At the end of March, Timesys announced their support of the Nitrogen6X, our latest offering in the Nitrogen series of i.MX single-board computers. LinuxLink Free Edition

I'm new to Timesys, but I'm very impressed with their offering and thought I'd spend some time sharing first impressions.

You can get an overview of the i.MX6 offerings here. That page will give you an overview of i.MX6 support and point you at lots of "How To" guides, white papers and videos to bring you up to speed.

In particular, you should look at the Package List, which shows one of the most important things that Timesys can bring to your development project.

These folks keep an eye on activities in the open-source world and bring you up-to-date packages in a coherent way. If you've ever tried to manage a set of sources needed for even a small embedded Linux project, you'll recognize that there are version dependencies between projects. Open-source projects are generally independent and only loosely affiliated with each other.

Keeping track of them and delivering them in a coherent way is no mean feat.

Download the demo images and kick the tires with the LinuxLink Free Edition and you'll see some of this in action. As you select packages, dependent packages are highlighted and you can quickly see the size of your resulting image. Click build and an image will be generated with your selections without ever having installed a cross-compiler on your machine.

Building your first image is just the start though. When you evaluate alternatives for your teams, you should also plan how you'll manage the entire product life cycle. This is where Timesys really shines and where the Factory product offering is a huge benefit.

If you're headed to the Freescale Technologies Forum in San Antonio next week, stop by our booth and see a Timesys-generated image in our booth with HD video playback and GPU acceleration.