Zephyr Project Grows with New Memberships and Design Commitments

Published on January 17, 2022

Zephyr Project Grows with New Memberships and Design Commitments

Ezurio (formerly Laird Connectivity) joined the Zephyr RTOS project as a Silver member with the goal of giving our customers more ways to develop their wireless projects, and we continue to invest time and development to bringing Zephyr to our portfolio of Bluetooth, Cellular, and IoT devices.

Last week, the Zephyr Project announced the addition of several new members to the project, including Baumer, Infineon, Qualcomm, Percepio and Silicon Labs. These new memberships continue the rapid expansion of the Zephyr partner ecosystem and bring additional development efforts to Zephyr that benefit the community as a whole.

The following is excerpted from the Zephyr Project’s January 13 press release:

The Zephyr™ Project announces a major milestone today with Baumer joining as a Platinum member and Infineon Technologies, Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc., Percepio and Silicon Labs joining as Silver members. These new members have selected Zephyr RTOS as one of the key technologies to build their next generation of connected products and solutions.

Zephyr, an open source project at the Linux Foundation that builds a safe, secure and flexible real-time operating system (RTOS) for resource-constrained devices, is easy to deploy, secure, connect and manage. It has a growing set of software libraries that can be used across various applications and industry sectors such as Industrial IoT, wearables, machine learning and more. Zephyr is built with an emphasis on broad chipset support, security, dependability, longterm support releases and a growing open source ecosystem.

“Zephyr fits where Linux can’t,” said Kate Stewart, Vice President of Dependable Embedded Systems at the Linux Foundation. “It will help these new members with development, delivery, and maintenance across a wide variety of products and models. We look forward to working with our new members to improve the technology their products and solutions are based on.”

Read the complete press release at zephyrproject.org