Fashion Meets Function: Wi-Fi Module and Services from Ezurio Bring OPKIX’s Revolutionary Phone-Enabled Camera to Life

Since 2016, OPKIX has been innovating in the world of wearable video cameras, providing a completely unique solution for video capture on the fly. The OPKIX One is the smartest, smallest, simplest smartphone-connected camera available. It affixes to a host of mounts ranging from eyewear to necklaces, designed to integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle. The cameras transfer data and charge batteries in the OPKIX Egg base unit, while video data is sent wirelessly to a smartphone. It’s the ready-to-go camera for their social-first user base.

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“Ezurio gave us more than wireless, they were a reliable partner. They provided extensive support and kept pace with our critical design timelines. For us, that was everything.”



Business Challenge

The sheer volume of video uploaded to the internet is truly astounding, and it shows no signs of slowing. For instance, over 300 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute, and platforms like Facebook and Instagram are increasingly driven by video, with countless creators who make their content on the fly. The vast majority of that video is shot, edited, and uploaded through one device: the smartphone.

OPKIX envisioned a completely new way to shoot video and a way to do it in style. With smartphones or video cameras, when the action strikes, you still need to dig your phone or camera out of your pocket, line up your shot, and start recording. This takes a bit of time and occupies your hands, so you’re not free to do anything else.

OPKIX wanted to provide a fashionable, wearable, wireless camera that changes the way people shoot video. It would always be ready at the tap of a button for when that perfect moment arrives and could be charged in an attractive base unit. Ultra-portable, easy to use, wireless, stylish, small, high-resolution – this was an ambitious goal.

Wireless Design

OPKIX needed more than just a great idea and a great RF design – they needed a great partner to help get it done. There were lots of unknowns at this early phase. What wireless module would be the best fit? What does the finished product look and feel like in terms of material design? What does the road to regulatory compliance look like?

OPKIX was looking for solid answers to these critical questions. What they ultimately found was a partner with a deep understanding of wireless, superior support, and experience bringing great technologies to market on a strict schedule.

What wireless module would be the best fit? What does the finished product look and feel like in terms of material design? What does the road to regulatory compliance look like? OPKIX was looking for solid answers to these critical questions.


OPKIX worked with their distributor, Arrow, to identify the right partner with the products and capabilities to make this vision a reality. Ezurio was the clear choice. At every step of the design process, Ezurio brought the products, skills, and experience to empower OPKIX’s vision.

Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Module & FCC Testing Under One Roof

OPKIX selected the Sterling-LWB Wi-Fi module with Bluetooth to add top-notch wireless between the base unit and smartphone, but they didn’t stop there. They were able to replicate the base unit’s design with Ezurio's RF design services team and choose the perfect materials to produce a stunning, durable enclosure for the egg base and cameras. They utilized Ezurio's rapid tooling and injection molding services to get a prototype quickly in their hands so they could see it for themselves. They secured FCC Testing and approval handily – and are well on the way to approvals for IC, ETSI, Giteki, AUS, NZ, and KCC as well. They have even been able to work with Ezurio's software design team to help support the software around the OPKIX One, helping to perfect the all-important user experience and make the OPKIX One a true delight to their users.


Results: Getting to Market Quickly and Easily

At every single step, OPKIX was able to make their wireless product wonderful for their customers. More than just finding a wireless module, they found the right material, the prototype, the compliance expertise, and a better user experience, all under one roof. Ezurio's testing capabilities, regulatory expertise, hardware and software design, and prototyping are all mile markers on the road to a successful launch and for OPKIX, this made the difference.

OPKIX was able to bring their vision to life. They confidently brought the OPKIX One to market in early 2019 to a host of enthusiastic reviews. The Los Angeles Times called it a “critical accessory for Generation Z and millennial buyers.” Uncrate compared the OPKIX One to the convenient, pocket-friendly size of the Apple AirPod design.

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