Ezurio (formerly Laird Connectivity) Solutions Helps Advantech DLoG Bring WLAN to the Harshest Industrial Environments Worldwide

Published on October 2, 2018

Ezurio (formerly Laird Connectivity) Solutions Helps Advantech DLoG Bring WLAN to the Harshest Industrial Environments Worldwide

Advantech DLoG Rugged PCs, Computers, and Tablets Utilize Laird’s Innovative Wi-Fi Modules to Provide Intelligent Solutions for Extremely Challenging Industrial Environments

The industrial sector is considered one of the most dynamic parts of the electronics industry, with a broad range of solutions for an equally broad range of applications. In this fiercely competitive industry, it is critical to bring solutions to market quickly, while also meeting the growing demands for quality and safety. Due to ever growing maintenance costs, fuel consumption, and regulations, the need for operational efficiency is also on the rise.

For Advantech DLoG, a leading provider in global digital logistics and fleet management, bringing solutions to customers worldwide requires flexibility, unfailing connectivity, quick time to market, and industry renowned customer support. Their fail-safe industrial computers ensure problem-free communication and provide the logistics necessary for efficient processes along the entire supply chain. Advantech DLoG’s rugged tablets and computers are purpose built to withstand exposure to extreme temperatures, powerful vibrations, chemicals, rough handling, and more, all while continuously processing and transmitting data. Partnering with Laird to supply and support a robust, high-performing Wi-Fi module for their product designs helped Advantech DLoG provide these wireless solutions and achieve aggressive time-to-market to customers across the globe.

“We deploy solutions in some of the harshest industrial environments so unfailing connectivity and rapid customer support is essential. Laird is well-known in the wireless industry for providing high quality modules and industry- leading support; they provide excellent support to our engineers so that we can integrate our solutions to customers worldwide, meeting the standards of each network,” said Dejan Milankovic, Project Manager & Wireless Expert of Advantech DLoG.

Advantech DLoG set out to ensure productivity and efficiency while improving wellbeing and safety for employees in industrial environments. Constant, consistent monitoring, processing, and transmitting of data requires more rugged computing power than ever before. In areas like fleet management, Advantech DLoG’s integrated computer solutions support organizational as well as logistical activities to help handle prohibitive costs and strict deadlines. Vehicle computers become the link between central offices and employees such as truck or car drivers. They merge all the important data and information and visualize it, allowing for real-time communication, reliable load planning and scheduling, continuous traceability, and much more.

Working on a global scale means implementing terminals in many different infrastructures with different requirements. Advantech DLoG needed a wireless solution flexible enough to meet the standards of their customers’ networks across the globe and powerful enough to provide secure, unfailing enterprise-grade connectivity. Advantech DLoG’s line of rugged industrial computers and tablets leverage the flexibility and field-proven connectivity of Laird’s certified Wi-Fi modules. Laird’s intelligent solutions operate in both the 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency bands with precision power, enterprise-grade security and encryption, long product lifecycles, and rugged durability which makes them ideal for global integration into a vehicle-mounted mobile computer or any other business critical device.

In harsh industrial environments, reliable and secure connectivity is essential and accessible by using Wi-Fi technology available through Laird. Advantech DLoG’s rugged tablets and computers are purpose- built for manufacturing, industry work, and logistics. Industrial PCs are mounted on forklifts, lift trucks, commissioning vehicles, trains, and more to scan and transmit data. Stationary units control and monitor systems.

With more than 30 years in the industry, Advantech DLoG leverages their understanding of customer challenges, pain points, applications, and environments to provide products customers need to make their businesses work. Paired with Laird’s wireless connectivity and industry renowned support, Advantech DLoG brings secure industrial- grade connectivity to customers no matter their location. 

Dejan Milankovic discusses why Laird’s certified module technology was chosen as an integral part in their line of rugged industrial PCs, computers, and tablets, “Laird’s module is a highly reliable component embedded in many industrial PCs by Advantech DLoG. We prefer the easy-to-use software (Laird LCM Manager) to customize the roaming settings of the radio card, and the user can adapt the Advantech DLoG device to achieve the best 802.11 WLAN performance. These functions ensure flexibility in different industrial environments throughout the world."


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