Centurion Wireless Technologies Assists With Hurricane Katrina Recovery Efforts

Published on September 20, 2005

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St. Louis, MO. USA (September 20, 2005) Centurion Wireless Technologies, a unit of Laird Technologies, and a leading designer and manufacturer of antennas and batteries for wireless communications, is assisting with Hurricane Katrina relief efforts in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi by supplying organizations with much needed batteries and antennas for their land mobile radios.

With little advance warning, Centurion has sent (and continues to send) over 13,000 antennas and batteries to companies who are helping with recovery efforts.

Wireless products, such as antennas and batteries are extremely crucial in the aide and rescue process for the residents of the areas affected by Hurricane Katrina. Without these two critical components, the portable radios that the rescue workers use and rely on will not operate.

Centurion has been shipping batteries in volume due to the fact that relief workers were unable to recharge their batteries because of a lack of power in Louisiana and Mississippi. Consequently Centurion was coordinating the supply of charging systems for organizations to use via its friends within the industry.

“Our staff wants to support the residents affected by Hurricane Katrina in any way they can, and by pulling together and re-organizing our production schedules we are able to help support these devastated areas in their time of need” stated John Deaust, LMR (Land Mobile Radio) sales manager for Centurion.

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