Ezurio, a Unit of Laird Technologies, Releases Intelligent Wireless Module

Published on April 8, 2008

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Adds 802.11 Connectivity Quickly and Cost Effectively

St. Louis, Missouri, USA – April 8, 2008 – Laird Technologies, Inc., a global leader in the design and supply of customized performance-critical components and systems for advanced electronics and wireless products, today announced its new intelligent wireless modules that allow M2M designers to quickly and cost effectively add 802.11 connectivity to any product.
Despite the millions of Wi-Fi access points available, laptops are typically the only device utilizing wireless capability because up until now, it was difficult to embed wireless connectivity into other devices. Ezurio’s intelligent wireless modules help connect devices that haven’t been connected previously.
The new intelligent module allows designers to bypass the steep wireless learning curve and evolve from concept to production in applications such as remote metering, ePOS, fleet management, energy conservation, etc.
Ezurio’s dual processor 802.11 modules bring wireless connectivity even to those with inadequate processing capabilities. The modules include a complete 802.11 device server, a UART interface for data and control, 12 GPIO lines and two 10 bit ADCs. A tightly integrated web server can access these signals for remote display, or accept external control commands. One of the processors also runs an embedded interpreter with Ezurio’s UWScript language, providing full wireless connection control as well as the capability to auto-run user application scripts.
Additional features include a small 25 mm x 35 mm size, low power operation, secure WEP and WPA2 implementation, Bluetooth co-existence and co-location support and a low cost development kit.
There are modules for existing products, products with an on-board processor and for new product designs.
For existing products, Ezurio’s cable replacement mode provides an automatic, ad-hoc, configurable link between products with no need for any hardware or firmware changes beyond connection to an RS-232 port.
Products with an on-board processor can be modified to have wireless connectivity by using the high level control interface of Ezurio’s 802.11 modules. All the designer needs to understand is basic concepts to design a fully connected product.
For new product designs, the internal processing power of Ezurio’s modules can replace the need for any other processor. Coupled with UWScript – a fully featured, wireless aware scripting language, complete products are being designed around Ezurio’s modules.

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