Laird Antennas Enable Cellphone Connectivity Inside Empire State Building

Published on April 14, 2015

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Laird Antennas Enable Cellphone Connectivity Inside Empire State Building

Laird’s Infrastructure Antenna Solutions Provide More Reliable Cellphone Reception within Iconic Manhattan Skyscraper

April 14, 2015 – Global technology leader Laird (LRD: London) announces today that its Infrastructure Antenna Solutions were chosen to provide cellphone reception to the upper floors of the Empire State Building in New York City which recently underwent a major renovation.

Prior to the renovation, cellphone reception above the 25th floor of the 102 story building was disrupted due to the height of the tower as well as the building materials used for its construction. As smartphone usage and the demand for high data rates continue to increase, it became apparent the 83 year old skyscraper needed some infrastructure improvements.

Because of their industry leading performance and design, Laird Antennas were chosen to build a wireless network inside the structure and allow tenants on every floor to use their cell phones.

Distributed network provider, ExteNet was hired to bring 3G and 4G connectivity to the building. To provide the coverage needed, ExteNet utilized a distributed antenna system, or DAS. Laird’s 2-port Low PIM, Low Profile MIMP Ceiling Mount Antenna (CMD69273P) was selected because of its low profile design and multi-port functionality.

"Multi-port functionality means fewer antennas per floor which lowers the initial investment and installation costs for building owners.  These antennas do the job of two because of their ability to transmit and receive cellular and data signals at the same time from a single, low-profile design,” explains Laird’s Senior Vice President of Infrastructure Antenna Solutions, Monty Rohde.

He adds, “We are very proud to have our products to help tenants in such a historic landmark. But you have to realize, the Empire State Building and structures like it present a challenging environment because it was not designed with today’s technology in mind. It was completed more than a dozen years before the first computer was invented and several decades before cell phones. Enabling reliable connectivity in an environment with so much steel, concrete, and so many walls requires the right signal strength and coverage array, which Laird antennas are able to offer.”

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