Laird Connectivity Announces the BT710 Bluetooth Tracking Device for COVID-19 Contact Tracing Applications

Published on July 27, 2020

Laird Connectivity Announces the BT710 Bluetooth Tracking Device for COVID-19 Contact Tracing Applications

Akron, Ohio – July 27, 2020 – Laird Connectivity, a global leader in wireless technology, has announced the new Sentrius™ BT710 tracker to help organizations with real-time social distancing and contact tracing for personnel monitoring and safety. This new Bluetooth tracker uses long-range Bluetooth 5 and has three user alerts for social distancing notifications including four highly visible LEDs, vibration, and a beeper. These notifications are used to help employees maintain a six-foot separation distance in real time. Additionally, the BT710 tracker logs information of the other BT710 tracker devices it has been in contact with and its duration which can then be used for contact tracing. Data can be downloaded from the BT710 trackers using Laird Connectivity’s MG100 Bluetooth Low Energy to cellular micro-gateway or the IG60 gateway which provides Wi-Fi, Ethernet or cellular connectivity.

The BT710 Bluetooth tracker leverages Laird Connectivity’s Bluetooth module expertise and integrates our TruPoint Antenna Diversity System for more accurate location performance. Powered with a low cost CR2477 battery for longer lifetimes than typical Bluetooth beacons, the tracker is ready to go for long term deployments without recharging a battery.

“As the leader in Bluetooth modules and sensors, we quickly modified our existing Bluetooth BT510 tag to produce the BT710 to meet the pressing needs COVID-19 tracking applications require for contact tracing,” says Bill Steinike, VP of Strategic Business Development at Laird Connectivity.

The BT710 tracker can be attached to a lanyard or utilize its built-in clip. Future versions will enable wristband and helmet worn adaptors. Additionally, with Laird Connectivity’s in-house suite of professional engineering services, customers can customize their BT710 enclosure, application firmware/mobile apps, and more to meet their specific application requirements.

The BT710 device will be sampling in August to select customers and partners. Pre-orders are being accepted now to meet high volume requirements.

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