Laird Embedded Wireless Modules Inspire New IoT Innovations

Published on February 11, 2016

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Laird Embedded Wireless Modules Inspire New IoT Innovations

Analysts are predicting there will be more than 11.6 billion connected devices across the globe by 2020. That's almost double the number in 2015. 

That's why companies everywhere are looking for ways to connect their products to the Internet of Things (IoT). 

That's why Wi, Wireless & RF Magazine recently asked Laird's Vice President of Business Development for Connectivity Solutions how a company like Laird is helping safely connect a new generation of devices to the IoT.

"Virtually every IoT device in the world is a cloud-connected product, and that brings an element of IT complexity that many product companies are not comfortable with," says Bill Steinike, Vice President of Buisiness Development for Laird's Connectivity Solutions. Steinike is talking about how product companies, like home appliance manufacturers, are trying now more than ever to leverage the growing IoT universe but many quickly realize it requires expertise outside of their core business. 

That's why, Steinike explains, Laird's Connectivity Solutions can become a lifeline for the buisiness objectives and timelines of these companies. 

One of the greatest challenges is addressing the security of mission critical information, especially in places like a hospital. 

"We look at it as a system level problem, addressing the areas that need to be protected in that ecosystem to have a reliable and secure platform," says Steinike.

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