Laird Enables Greater Security For Enterprise IoT With New Wireless

Published on July 20, 2016

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Laird Enables Greater Security For Enterprise IoT With New Wireless

Global technology leader Laird (LRD: London) introduces a small, powerful, energy-efficient, stand-alone Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Near Field Communication (NFC) certified module with robust security and an easy to use programming language which enables rapid development of secure connectivity for the Enterprise Internet of Things (EIoT).

Over the next four years, researchers predict the number of connected devices used in business settings will more than double.  “We understand that many developers are being tasked with integrating wireless solutions to their OEM product lines for the first time, while facing demanding deadlines to get to market quickly,” says Scott Lordo, Senior Vice President of Laird Connectivity Solutions. 

Laird engineers developed the new BL652 certified module to quickly and easily integrate secure Bluetooth Smart capabilities into EIoT applications by reducing the engineering burden and technical risk for developers. Lordo adds, “Every design consideration for the BL652 was focused on simplifying the means to leverage the outstanding technology found inside our customer’s specific application, and our embedded smartBASIC engine provides those customers with their own personal EIoT Bluetooth Smart ‘expert’ built right in.”

The BL652 is a fully-integrated, stand-alone BLE and NFC solution ideal for a number of applications including EIoT devices in industrial or commercial settings, medical peripherals, as well as sensors and beacons. The module also features robust security as well as outstanding power performance, critical for many EIoT applications where BLE devices must run battery-powered for an extended amount of time without human intervention.  Based on the class-leading Nordic nRF52 series, the module’s ultra-small 14 x 10 mm form factor, optimized low power schemes, and smartBASIC programming language provide a robust, stable, stand-alone Bluetooth environment for any embedded design.

The BL652 also features the choice of developing with either Nordic’s popular Software Development Kit (SDK) for the nRF52 or with Laird’s field-proven smartBASIC programming language. The smartBASIC solution makes integration easier for all developers, especially those who may be new to BLE development. The programming language allows designers to leverage Laird’s decade of Bluetooth expertise and offers built-in functions that replace thousands of lines of C code. It also acts as a bridge between software and hardware, which means that applications developed on other BL600 series solutions can be ported over seamlessly to the new BL652.

Laird’s BL652 has everything needed to simplify both RF design and certification efforts. The module boasts an industrial temperature rating and choice of an on-module antenna or an IPEX MHF4 connector for external antennas. In addition, the module will carry modular FCC, IC, CE, MIC and Bluetooth SIG approvals covering multiple antenna listings, which can extend to your design with no new testing for the fastest route to production.

Production quantities of modules and development kits for the BL652 Series are scheduled to be fully available in September 2016.  Laird will begin working with select customers immediately to successfully design the BL652 into their product applications.  For more information about Laird and the BL625, visit the BL652 product page.


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