Laird Industrial Wireless Technology Seen As Increasing Workplace Safety

Published on January 27, 2016

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"Advances in wireless technology bring hardwired emergency-stop systems to a new level of safety to speed up response time, free operator constraints and expand applications," reads the subtitle of an article in The Journal, from Rockwell Automation, a leader in industrial automation and information products. 

The article discusses how emergency-stop, or e-stop, pushbuttons are a critical component to the safety of automation systems, but that traditional fixed position e-stop pushbuttons have some limitations which can be overcome with wireless technology. For example David Stagg, product manager for industrial remote control products, at Laird describes how not all emergencies occur within arms reach of an e-stop button. 

“Someone has to either carry a pendant with a robust and rugged cable that’s very heavy — which hinders their mobility — or they have to move from their position to a station with an e-stop switch and hit the button, which takes valuable time and might not be possible under the emergency situation that has arisen."

Stagg is quoted throughout the article as he outlines how wireless industrial solutions from Laird can create a safer work environment. 

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