Laird Selects As Our Component Search Partner

Published on November 15, 2018 has been chosen as the Component Search Engine Database used by Laird. Octopart is a parts search engine with over 500,000 monthly unique visitors and over 2 million page visits per month. Octopart provides leads for over 200 electronic parts distributors. In addition, they work with their Octomyze network to extend their parts and listings to an even larger base of engineers and supply chain experts.




Why did Laird make this change?

The previous Component Search Engine Database was acquired by another company and we needed to ensure we avoided any conflict of interest.

When was this change made?

Testing started on April 2017 and implementation on September 2017.

In what region is Octopart Utilized?

Octopart traffic is global and they welcome all distributors.

Who do I need to contact to register?

You need to send an email to with your request.

Can I get a trial before officially registering?

Yes. When contacting Octopart, please mention that you are referred by Laird to get your free trial.

How many parts can I register with Octopart?

You can register as many parts you want.

Is there any cost associated to this service?

$2 per click on your MPN/SKU from the Octopart search engine. This click redirects to the product on your website.
$250 monthly invoice minimum.
$100 one-time setup fee.

Do I need to sign a contract with Octopart?

No, Octopart service is month-to-month, you may cancel at anytime.

If I’m using another inventory referral service, can my inventory still show on Laird’s website?

Unfortunately, no. You must be registered with Octopart and use the Laird part number for your inventory to show on Laird’s website.

Who do I need to contact at Laird if I have further questions?

Please contact Kevin Mars at