Laird Technologies Introduces Enhanced LT2510 Proprietary 2.4 GHz Wireless Radio Module Product Family

Published on March 19, 2010

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Fifth Generation Pluggable 2.4GHz FHSS Radio Modules Set the Standard for Industrial RF Communication

St. Louis, Missouri, USA – March 19, 2010 – Laird Technologies, Inc., a global leader in the design and manufacture of customized, performance-critical components for wireless systems and other advanced electronics applications, today announced the introduction of its enhanced LT2510 Proprietary 2.4GHz Wireless Radio Module product family.  The product series includes model numbers PRM110, PRM111, PRM112, PRM113, PRM120, PRM121, PRM122, and PRM123.

Based on proprietary technology, this module exceeds most application and performance requirements, supporting unrivaled flexibility in industrial wireless applications.  The ability to control and optimize both the radio module and the network allows for the development of highly reliable systems for commercial building, field surveillance, utility management, recreation and fleet telemetry applications.

With a throughput of up to 250 Kb/s in half-duplex mode, the LT2510 delivers speedy data rates.  In addition, variable output power options of up to +21 dBm (depending on region) enable communication over distances that aren’t achievable with competing technologies.  At the same time, a range of ultra-low power modes plus low Tx/Rx power consumption makes the LT2510 ideal for power-restricted or battery-operated applications.

Embedded with Laird Technologies’ robust server-client protocol, the LT2510 permits an unlimited number of clients to synchronize to a single server for low latency communications. The server and all clients in a network can communicate with any radio in range via either addressed or broadcast packets. The configuration and test software allows OEMs to design and test networks to suit their applications.  Enhanced API commands provide dynamic packet routing control and network intelligence.  With its field-proven frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) air interface protocol, the LT2510 rejects RF noise, excels in multipath scenarios, allows for co-located systems, and provides an extremely reliable communication link.  It also provides a more robust, but simpler, link for RF applications that do not require a mesh topology.

The mini SMT package is well-suited for space-constrained designs and is available in pick-and-place packaging for volume manufacturing.  The modules, including model numbers PRM110, PRM111, PRM112, PRM113, PRM120, PRM121, PRM122, and PRM123 are available in SMT versions that meet FCC/IC standards, while the PRM112, PRM113, PRM122, and PRM123 models also meet CE standards.  Pluggable versions, including model numbers PRM122 and PRM123, are available that meet FCC/IC/CE/Japan standards.

“The enhancements we’ve made to the LT2510 radio module, including the addition of a connector version and certifications in Japan and Europe, really opens the door for more applications to take advantage of this already outstanding product,” stated Jim Ciccarelli, Laird Technologies Senior Product Manager, Telematics & Wireless M2M.  “These new improvements offer much constructive flexibility to designers and their applications.

Numerous “software hooks” provide control and flexibility, allowing designers to mold the communication link around applications, as opposed to squeezing the application into a fixed communication technology or standard.  Each transceiver is designed to provide OEMs with a feature-rich, high-performance, configurable, secure, compatible, integrated solution, allowing OEMs to build the most optimized network possible.

Laird Technologies is active in the wireless M2M market, offering the widest range of high-performance wireless modules utilizing proprietary technology, as well as integrated antennas and electronic components.  The company’s broad selection of M2M products provides solutions for the automotive, telematics, healthcare, EPOS, retail, finance, and security, as well as asset management markets.

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Laird Technologies designs and manufactures customized, performance-critical products for wireless and other advanced electronics applications.

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