Laird Technologies Releases New WTS2333C-FRSMM WiMAX External Wireless Dipole Antenna

Published on April 12, 2011

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Rugged External Wireless Antenna Designed for Portable Devices

St. Louis, Missouri, USA – April 12, 2011 – Laird Technologies, Inc., a global leader in the design and supply of customized performance-critical components and systems for advanced electronics and wireless products, today announced the release of its new WTS2333C-FRSMM WiMAX external wireless dipole antenna.

Specifically designed for portable devices, this rugged external wireless antenna operates in the 2.3 to 2.7 GHz and 3.3 to 3.9 GHz frequency bands with a max gain of 2.3 to 2.7 dBi. The antenna offers an omnidirectional radiation pattern, and emits power consistently and evenly in all horizontal directions in one plane.

“The WTS2333C-FRSMM WiMAX external wireless dipole antenna is designed to fit into the portable devices used in office, industrial, and home environments,” said Quaid Rasheed, Laird Technologies BWA Antenna Product Manager. “The antenna offers a complete wireless solution in supporting all WiMAX operating frequency bands.”

The RoHS-compliant external wireless antenna features a half-wave coaxial dipole design which reduces ground dependence, thereby enabling it to work as a stand alone antenna. With industry standard connectors and cables that are included, the WTS2333C-FRSMM is an ideal solution for 802.11 b/g/n WLAN, Bluetooth®, WiMAX MMDS and WiMAX 3.5 GHz applications.

An industry leader in the design and manufacture of antennas for mobile devices and wireless data, Laird Technologies possesses end-to-end system knowledge and employs advanced, proprietary design tools to bring novel antenna designs to market with unmatched performance that maximize total system performance and user satisfaction.

About Laird Technologies, Inc.

Laird Technologies designs and manufactures customized, performance-critical products for wireless and other advanced electronics applications.

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Laird Technologies, a unit of Laird PLC, employs over 12,000 employees in more than 48 facilities located in 16 countries.

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