Laird's Connected Hospital Featured in Wireless Design and Development Magazine

Published on May 3, 2016

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Laird's Connected Hospital Featured in Wireless Design and Development Magazine

Deploying Wi-Fi networks in crowded environments like hospitals, industrial sites, or airports can present significant challenges. These areas however benefit greatly from leveraging the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) making the deployement of Wi-Fi networks a must.

In an article published by Wireless Design and Development Magazine Laird experts Bob Monroe and Kris Sidle outline 5 steps network designers can take to over come these challenges and provide reliable network connectivity for people, devices, and equipment in these types of environments.  As the article puts it "The immense value and impact of the power of IoT technologies are just as dramatic in other industries where complex environments might otherwise be an obstacle to wireless networks, including industrial settings where wirelessly-linked sensors can reduce pollution, reduce energy consumption, and save workers’ lives."

Wireless Design and Development Magazine reaches more than 30,000 qualified engineering professionals in the high-growth wireless, RF, and microwave market segments, according to the magazine's website. 

The article lists one of the five key steps as locating the wireless access points (APs). "Using the detailed blueprint of the hospital created in the step above, the next step is to install the Wi-Fi APs, which will create a consistent web of connectivity for all the constantly-moving people and devices in the facility. Just as with real estate, location is key…but there is something else that will play just as big a role in the success of the installation. It’s the frequency."

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