New Long-Range Bluetooth I/O Sensor from Laird Connectivity Enables Cloud Monitoring in the Harshest IoT Environments

Published on December 1, 2020

New Long-Range Bluetooth I/O Sensor from Laird Connectivity Enables Cloud Monitoring in the Harshest IoT Environments

Akron, Ohio, December 1, 2020 – Global technology leader Laird Connectivity today announced the Sentrius™ BT610 I/O Sensor. Built on Laird Connectivity’s expertise developing the longest range Bluetooth sensors, this new Bluetooth 5 sensor platform turns wired sensors into IP67-rated, battery-operated wireless nodes that provide robust and secure messaging. Powered by Laird Connectivity’s BL654 (Nordic nRF52840) Bluetooth module, the BT610 delivers full Bluetooth 5 capabilities for a wide range of remote monitoring applications.

The BT610 hardware supports virtually any industry standard external sensor through its wide range of sensor interface options - general purpose analog inputs, digital input/output, I2C, and SPI. Pre-canned configurations of the BT610 coupled with external sensors are available for HVAC monitoring, three-phase AC current sensing, and tank monitoring solutions. These configurations enable users to read and report sensor data to the cloud, define alarm conditions, and configure the sensors through an associated mobile app (Android and iOS).

The BT610 comes with ready-to-deploy binary software and mobile app, written to support multiple analog and digital inputs/outputs or support pre-canned target applications such as those mentioned above. Alternatively, customers have the freedom to use either Nordic nRF Connect SDK or Zephyr RTOS to develop their own custom applications.

With a rugged IP67 enclosure including a pressure vent, high-gain internal antenna with IPEX locking connector, and long-range Bluetooth 5 connectivity (LE Coded PHY), the BT610 is an ideal sensor solution for harsh IoT environments where reliable wireless connectivity is essential to keeping systems online and operational.

“Our goal with creating this solution is to provide a reliable and robust platform for companies that need to gather actionable IoT intelligence in unforgiving environments,” says Chris Boorman, senior product manager at Laird Connectivity. “Bluetooth 5 coded PHY gives extended range over traditional Bluetooth and it enables customers to cover many different sensing applications, delivering the range and flexibility that they need.”

The BT610 is the latest addition to Laird Connectivity’s growing family of IoT devices which includes the Sentrius™ BT510 Sensor. The BT610 will seamlessly operate with Laird Connectivity’s IG60 Gateway, allowing enterprises to create a full device-to-cloud ecosystem.

The BT610 is fully certified for FCC, ISED, EU, RCM, MIC, and is Bluetooth SIG listed. Personal support and customization services are also available including custom branding, packaging, and application development.

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