New Wireless Solution From Laird Eliminates Frustrations And Increases Connectivity For Digital Signage and Hospitality Industries

Published on October 28, 2014

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New Wireless Solution From Laird Eliminates Frustrations And Increases Connectivity For Digital Signage and Hospitality Industries

New RAMP 2.4 GHz Wireless Ethernet Bridge

A high-performance, wireless Ethernet cable replacement system is eliminating the frustrations, cost, and complications of current systems. The new RAMP Bridge from Laird is a 2.4 GHz wireless Ethernet bridge solution contained in a small, durable form factor. RAMP Bridge makes it easier than ever to achieve industrial-strength long-range Ethernet cable replacement in any environment.  

Laird has more than 10 years of experience in the Digital Signage market, working closely with digital signage manufacturers on providing the right wireless solution for any application through Laird’s extensive line of RAMP products and solutions. The RAMP Bridge,  provides a fresh way for sign makers (LED signs, scoreboards, reader boards, etc.) to reduce  costs and offer additional services due to the ease of installation, long-life warranty, high throughput, and long-range of the RAMP Bridge.

The Hospitality industry is a great match for the Laird RAMP Bridge as well. Large campuses such as resorts and shopping centers require secure, long-range wireless coverage to remote terminals and signs located around and on campus. With the RAMP Bridge, you can quickly and easily add a new device to a network, miles away from the main wireless infrastructure. The omni-directional antenna located inside the RAMP Bridge provides 360-degree coverage. That means no pointing or alignment is required to achieve reliable long-range communication. In fact, the Ethernet Bridge can scale to your application, whether it is just a hundred feet or up to 3.5 miles, the RAMP Bridge has you covered.

The rugged enclosure, ease of configuration, high-power transmitter and internal omni-directional antenna, set the RAMP Bridge apart from competitors. The starter kit contains two units (server and client) preconfigured and ready to install. This makes setting up new configurations simple even for those with little to no experience configuring a wireless cable replacement system. Maintenance and monitoring of the network is also simple with the intuitive, web-based RAMP Bridge Setup Wizard.                                                    

“For digital signage, hospitality and other outdoor applications, RAMP Bridge provides an ideal solution for connectivity.  These markets require the long range of Laird’s RAMP products, now with RAMP Bridge we can provide the additional throughput required for video displays and large file downloads”, said Chris Downey, Product Director at Laird.

The RAMP Bridge provides high-throughput connections that rival the speed of Ethernet transfer. It can easily connect up to five clients in a point-to-multipoint network with the intuitive web-based setup wizard. This makes sending data wirelessly to multiple display signs, scoreboards, or readerboards easier and faster. The RAMP Bridge also boasts a rugged weather-proof enclosure that withstands harsh environments. It is encased in a sturdy, waterproof (IP 67) enclosure that is ready for any outdoor environment.

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