Next-Generation Wi-Fi® Intelligence Bolsters Reliability in Crowded Environments

Published on April 7, 2016

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Next-Generation Wi-Fi® Intelligence Bolsters Reliability in Crowded Environments

New 50 Series of certified dual-band Wi-Fi® + Bluetooth® modules provide unmatched connectivity and performance in challenging wireless settings like medical and industrial facilities

Today global technology leader Laird (LRD: London) announces the release of its new 50 Series Enterprise Wi-Fi® module, specifically designed to ensure reliable connectivity in difficult RF environments such as hospitals and industrial facilities.

Hospitals and industrial settings pose unique challenges for wireless connectivity. Large metal objects such as patient beds or industrial machinery, in addition to building elements like thick walls, lead shielding, and elevators can all degrade wireless performance. Commercial-grade wireless modules are simply insufficient for these harsh RF environments as they frequently lose network connectivity and risk the loss of a critical alert or data point.

“There is an increasing trend across many industries like Medical and Manufacturing where companies and end users want to track their assets and communicate with their equipment more than ever before. Depending on the setting, a loss of connectivity could result in costly production stops, employee safety concerns, or even the loss of critical information like a patient’s real-time vital signs,” explains Senior Vice President for Laird’s Connectivity Solutions, Scott Lordo. “In a hospital, for example, medical devices often need to stay with the patient as they move within the facility, the ability of a wireless module to quickly and dynamically change between dozens of network access points is a must.”

Laird engineers identified an innovative three pronged approach to solve these challenges. The result is the new Enterprise-grade, 50 Series Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth© combo modules that feature unmatched hardware, best-in-class software capabilities, and comprehensive support from design through deployment. These elements combine to create robust, secure, and reliable wireless solutions for even the most demanding applications.

Building on the well-regarded 40 and 45 series from Laird, the new 50 Series modules feature dual-band Wi-Fi® with 2x2 MIMO (Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output) capabilities, as well as both Classic Bluetooth©  and Bluetooth©  Smart  capabilities. The dual antennas improve reliability and further ensure that wireless connectivity is maintained so critical data can be shared at all times.

Beyond the capable hardware, the 50 Series modules boast comprehensive, best-in-industry software with even faster scanning and roaming capability than prior generation solutions. This allows the module to identify the best access point connection in a fraction of a second and transition quickly to maintain connectivity as the device moves throughout a facility. Security and integration with Windows, Linux, and Android operating systems remain a hallmark of the software within the 50 Series as well.

“No other wireless module on the market has software as capable as the 50 Series,” says Lordo. “Laird engineers have been working in the wireless industry since its inception. Through decades of experience we’ve developed robust software capabilities that are at the heart of the new 50 Series. The module finds the best connection source for its location and purpose, keeping the module connected securely, no matter what.”

Product samples and development kits for the 50 Series family are now available.  Laird will begin working with customers immediately to successfully design this new module into their product applications.   

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