Simplify BLE Applications and Reduce Time to Market with the BL620

Published on October 27, 2014

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Simplify BLE Applications and Reduce Time to Market with the BL620

New firmware enables single mode BLE ecosystem from Laird

October 27, 2014 – Laird, a global technology company, announces the addition of the BL620 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module to the BL600 Series product line. With the ability to program in both Peripheral and Central mode, the BL600 product line now equips manufacturers with both ends of the BLE link, reducing integration risks and time to market while simplifying BLE applications.

Utilizing the same module hardware as the BL600, the BL620 has a new firmware load that supports Central mode connectivity to a multitude of embedded devices. Use of the BL600 Series modules at both ends of the Bluetooth connection enables better wireless communication, eases integration, and can decrease costs.

The BL620 line of modules reduces the engineering burden and design risk of integrating Bluetooth and BLE to a device. Fully approved and programmable, the BL620’s compact footprint, low-power, and unique smartBASIC programming language provide a secure stable, and innovative Bluetooth environment for embedded designs. The programming language has been proven to speed time to market and significantly simplifies BLE integration for embedded devices which saves time, money and resources. smartBASIC enables standalone operation of the module whereby sensors can be attached via any of the interfaces without the need for an external processor and acts as a BLE expert within the module, significantly cutting time spent on initial development, creation of prototypes, and mass production.

In addition to the new BL620 firmware for the BL600 hardware series, Laird has launched a new packaged USB dongle (part # BL620- US) that leverages central mode BLE connectivity to any laptop or PC that supports a USB port. This operating system agnostic dongle makes it possible to add BLE Central Mode capabilities to PCs that do not natively support BLE connectivity through a virtual COM port implementation and smartBASIC. In addition, the dongle provides the ability to load smartBASIC applications over the air (OTA) to a BL600 peripheral mode module.

 “The release of our BL620 firmware with the supporting BL620-US packaged USB dongle highlights again the power and performance of our smartBASIC programming language, while maintaining our ability to speed our customer’s time to market with robust, field proven solutions for both ends of the BLE link,” said Jonathan Kaye, Product Director at Laird.

Based on the award winning Nordic Semiconductor nRF51822 chipset, BL620 modules provide exceptionally low power consumption with outstanding wireless range, all within a compact footprint of 19 mm x 12.5 mm. The modules incorporate all the hardware and firmware required to support development of BLE Central mode applications in areas such as medical devices, AIDC devices, ePOS terminals, barcode scanners, industrial cable replacement, M2M connectivity, and automotive diagnostic equipment.
Check out the BL620 product page to learn more about how the module can reduce your time to market and simplify your BLE application.

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