Stream and Laird - Simplifying the LoRa Ecosystem

Published on November 28, 2018

Stream and Laird - Simplifying the LoRa Ecosystem

Stream Technologies, the company behind IoT-X, the world’s most advanced Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity management platform, and global technology leader Laird (LRD: London), today announced that Laird’s Sentrius™ RG1xx Long-Range Wireless Area Network (LoRaWAN™) gateway is pre-configured out of the box to function with Stream’s LoRaWAN network server and IoT-X platform. 

Mass production and availability of the RG1xx family in Laird global distribution channels of Arrow, Avnet, Future, Digi-Key, Mouser, and Farnell is scheduled to begin in late June 2017.

Through this partnership, Stream and Laird – both members of the LoRa Alliance -- are demonstrating their commitment to simplifying the IoT for enterprises and helping global organizations to deploy LoRaWAN networks faster and more efficiently.

Pre-integrating configurations for Stream’s LoRaWAN network server with Laird’s Sentrius™ RG1xx gateway at the point of manufacture and providing free trial access to Stream’s IoT-X platform for enterprise adopters of Laird’s gateway, will help global organizations to simplify their deployment of LoRaWAN networks, said Scott Lordo, Senior Vice President of Laird’s Connectivity business.

From the same IoT-X account, customers can also subscribe to Stream’s Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) services, which offer a suite of cellular or satellite connectivity tariffs for gateway backhaul connectivity.

IoT-X has been adopted by more than 500 enterprise customers, including Tier 1, 2 and 3 Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). The platform is agnostic to network type and includes a rich set of features that have been developed for more than a decade.

IoT-X provides enterprises with the ability to manage the IoT connectivity lifecycle, data routing, subscribers and billing, and it is fully integrated with Stream’s LoRaWAN network server, which is fully compatible with any LoRaWAN compliant device.

Laird’s Sentrius™ RG1xx gateway enables enterprise customers to deploy EIoT networks in practically any geographic location, even where traditional communications infrastructure is unavailable. Paired with other components of Laird’s growing Sentrius LPWAN ecosystem, such as the unique RM1xx Sentrius LoRaWAN / BLE modules and Stream Technologies’ LoRaWAN network server, the gateway enables cost-effective and end-to-to-end control of public and private LoRa networks.

“The RG1xx provides an unmatched level of versatility to suit a developer’s application by incorporating LoRa technology as part of a multi-interface platform, blending both local area and wide area technologies such as 802.11 MIMO Wi-Fi, wired Ethernet, Bluetooth and BLE connectivity, in a single gateway” Lordo added. “With multiple wired and wireless interface options, the RG1xx enables complete design freedom to create an end-to-end LPWAN network to suit developers’ application needs.”

Mohsen Shakoor, Strategic Partnerships at Stream Technologies,said “We are delighted to be partnered with Laird, a like-minded company that is committed to simplifying the IoT for enterprises around the world. The deep integration of IoT-X with Laird’s gateway at the point of manufacture enables a true out of the box IoT connectivity solution for enterprises around the world,” Shakoor added. “Our disruptive business models further simplify the IoT for enterprises, supporting everything from one device to beyond analysts’ predictions.”

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