Android Beta Build Breakage

Published on December 11, 2013

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The boundary-imx_jb4.3_1.0.0-beta branch of the Android repository has been broken for a few days, and there's a fix here:

In English, this patch addresses a screw up in the original patch set that allowed KitKat changes from AOSP to leak into the build tree. If you look closely at the history, you'll see that there are two new patches to accomplish the fix, but the first best highlights the cause.

You can address this by running repo sync, but we're going to suggest that you migrate to the General Availability (-ga) branch instead. We've completed internal testing and this release is looking good. We haven't posted an image yet because of those darned 24-hour days, but will do so very soon.

If you have a tree checked out, you can update it to use the -ga branch like so: ~/myandroid$ repo sync ~/myandroid$ repo init -b boundary-imx_jb4.3_1.0.0-ga ~/myandroid$ repo sync The first sync will pull in the changes to .repo/manifests/default.xml, and the second will check out the boundary-imx_jb4.3_1.0.0-ga branch.

If you've been working with the -beta branch, this shouldn't take very long (< 10 minutes).

If you want to stay on the -beta branch, a single repo sync should do the trick.

If you hit this problem (and it seems that several of you did), we apologize for making your first experience with the source tree painful.

As always, let us know if you run into any snags.