Freescale Ubuntu Image with 4.0.0 kernel

Published on June 12, 2013

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The new image combines the Freescale Oneiric image with our 4.0.0 kernel build + modules and bootscripts. For windows users we have an SD card image that can be used with a tool created by Alex Page. See here for an example of using the tool with a compressed image.


  • GPU acceleration is installed and working. HD video plays smoothly.
  • X and X applications are not accelerated. The GPU demos in /opt/opt/viv-samples/ use the linux framebuffer (fbdev) not X.
  • When using it from an SD card it boots and runs a little slowly but running it from a SSD it's boots twice as fast and is very reasonable to use.
  • The root user has no password.
  • The password for the linaro user is linaro.