Krogoth-next Yocto Release

Published on October 24, 2016

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A new Yocto 2.1 release, Krogoth-next, is now available.

For The Impatient

How to Burn

To burn the image file to a sdcard, run this command assuming your sdcard is mounted on /dev/sdc ~$ sudo umount /dev/sdc* ~$ zcat boundary-eval-image-nitrogen6x-krogoth-next.sdcard.gz | sudo dd of=/dev/sdc bs=1M

How to Replicate

This image uses a new "krogoth-next" boundary-bsp-platform that can be used to build images for our boards. Lots of this is identical to what was present in our previous Krogoth image. This is mostly a clone of fsl-community-bsp-platform with meta-browser, meta-qt5, and meta-boundary added in. There is also a Boundary-Devices-centric setup-environment script with a central download area and cache and some extras to the default local.conf. Firstly, you’ll need to create the download/cache folders and give r/w access. ~$ sudo mkdir -p /opt/freescale/yocto/imx ~$ sudo mkdir -p /opt/freescale/yocto/sstate-cache ~$ sudo chmod -R 777 /opt/freescale To build the image, you’ll need these packages installed as well as this repo tool that can be installed like this: ~$ sudo apt-get install repo Now create your build directory and initialize everything. ~$ mkdir ~/krogoth-next ~$ cd ~/krogoth-next ~/krogoth-next$ repo init -u -b krogoth-next ~/krogoth-next$ repo sync Now setup the environment for building. In this example I’m targeting the nitrogen6x, however nitrogen6x-lit, nitrogen6sx, and nitrogen7 are all also valid MACHINE targets here. Use whatever your platform is. ~/krogoth-next$ MACHINE=nitrogen6x . setup-environment boundary-eval-image Now bitbake boundary-eval-image ~/krogoth-next/boundary-eval-image$ bitbake boundary-eval-image Now after some time this should build the same image as above. The image file will deploy to ~/krogoth-next/boundary-eval-image/tmp/deploy/images/{MACHINE}/boundary-eval-image-{MACHINE}.sdcard.gz. Feel free to tweak and add things as you see fit.


Fair warning, Chromium has some problems. It only works if it is opened directly to a webpage. Our desktop launcher opens Chromium to and you can navigate around from there. Keep that in mind if you're launching Chromium for other purposes.

Video Input Tests

If you have our ov5640-mipi camera, ov5642 camera, or our HDMI input daughterboard the image includes easy desktop icons to launch tests for the respective hardware.